Emma Stone Goes Au Naturel with Revlon

By  December 10, 2012

Everyone loves Emma Stone – and we mean everyone! And yes, she’s just as nice and cool to talk to as you think she would be, even with the craziness of the holidays upon us. Last week we got to chat with the Amazing Spider-Man starlet about the new Nearly Naked foundation from Revlon, embracing your natural beauty, her take on red carpet glamor, as well as her skincare obsessions.

Q: We know you’ve had a chance to play with the new foundation, what do you think so far?
A: I like it because I break out all the time, and so, I kind of wear foundation daily, but it ends up being thick foundation — that’s all I used before. [Nearly Naked] lets me show off my freckles. It’s been completely good for me.
Q: Have you always embraced your freckles?
A: No. Not so much. And I used to spray tan a lot when I was a teenager, and I was like, “Yes, spray tan!” The last time I had a spray tan was for the Golden Globes and I was like, “I love spray tans so much.” I still really like them, I have to say, but I did look like I had leprosy at a point.
Q: Your skin looks amazing! How vigilant are you about SPF?
A: I’m pretty vigilant. I’m really interested in skin care because I had really bad hormonal acne when I was 17, and [my dermatologist] put me on Accutane. After two months of Accutane, I ended up going off of it and to this day, my eyes, my mouth, my lips, my skin are so dry from what that did. So then, I had stress acne when I was 20 during Easy A, which they kind of video airbrushed [off], and I realized how debilitating that can be and how embarrassing; to genuinely have cystic acne is really kind of a tough thing. So, I’m into the biology of what makes up acne and how to work on it from the outside too.  I’m vigilant about skincare across the board, for the sun and also from trying to clear up stuff. I wear it everyday.
Q: What’s your typical skincare routine?
A: I should be in a beauty department because all I want to do is try whatever is happening. I really like it and I find it really interesting. On set, they always give you these hot towels at the end of the day, which is so nice, and you just put those on and get your makeup off. But for the most part, I use Cetaphil – the bar soap – and then these pads that I got from a dermatologist, and Ulta moisturizer, but I like coconut oil and argan oil and things that are pure – olive oil – for face. But coconut oil and argan oil, I just realized are pretty heavy for your face all the time.
Q: You always stun whenever you attend an event. Do you ever take the lead on your red carpet looks?
A: No. I have that trio is the reason that I looked like a presentable human in any circumstance. Petra Flannery is my stylist, who is the best-dressed woman, clearly, because she puts people in these incredible things and it’s never forced or anything on me, but she’s really good. Her eye is amazing. And then, Rachel Goodwin and Mara Roszak have done my hair and makeup for a long time. They work so well as a team that my suggestions – I don’t know how helpful my suggestions are. Like, “Today, we should wear lashes,” and Rachel’s like, “No, we’re not wearing lashes.” I’m like, “We should do a top knot,” and Mara’s like, “Hmm, Ok, we’re going to do a ponytail.” I trust them very much.
Q: We love whenever you rock a red lip! How often do you wear it when you’re off-duty?
A: I like lipstick, but Rachel always makes the comment that I have consumed more lipstick in my life than anything else, maybe. I’m always licking my lips. I just eat lipstick off, which is totally good for you! So I don’t really wear it very, very often. Which is why these [Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick] genuinely are really great, because they actually are kind of like lipstick but they’re also a chap stick. So there’s something about them that has really resonated with me.

Revlon’s Nearly Naked Makeup will be available January 2013 at major retailers for $9.99