Since it’s Monday, there’s a slight chance that you need something to brighten your spirits a little. Here are six hilarious Twitter accounts that will send you into a much-needed giggle fit. [...]
So many of us are spoiled rotten and obnoxiously impatient, including myself. We want things next day, right now, yesterday. Well with eBay now it’s possible to get what you want in just one hour!  [...]
As Trend Hunter reports, the DropShades are bound to brighten up any sundown soiree. How you ask? By the beats of the music blasting in the room. Thanks to a small “microphone connected to a signal processor, the incoming sound is
We can’t lie — when we heard that supermodel Kate Moss’s latest venture was designing a line of phone and tablet accessories for UK phone dealer Carphone Warehouse, we didn’t exactly see the connection between the two.
If you’ve ever dropped your phone in a glass of beer, in the toilet or in a puddle, then you need to get this waterproof spray asap. As bizarre as these instances may sound, they’re actually pretty common, and it sucks to have to tell
Online shopping just got better. Topshop’s online store will soon include music to set your shopping mood thanks to a new deal with iTunes. The music samples will match with the latest clothing to hit the site or the local weather
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