Move over Uncle Karl; you’re not the only one getting into the gaming business.[...]
Instagram’s latest update has been causing a commotion. The mobile app now allows you to record videos too.[...]  
We love Mara Hoffman‘s signature bold and bohemian prints. They always make whoever is wearing them just look so good.[...]
While I consider myself loyal to Warby Parker as far as eyewear and customer experience go, a new discovery —DITTO — is nipping at their heels. While they don’t provide a home try-on (yet) and don’t yet have their own line of
I always enjoy tech accessories that do more than just protect my technology (re: Proenza iPad case, but should totally be a clutch). So what happens when a local designer (who I happen to adore) makes neon computer sleeves? [...]
While it’s easy to sift through the latest launches from our fave beauty brands, snagging a seat at our go-to salon has always been a big challenge until now.[...]
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