Gone Gangster: Jada Pinkett Smith Dishes on her ‘Gotham’ Gear

By  September 23, 2014

We’re sure that cast of Fox’s Gotham is celebrating today. The series’ Monday night premiere not only drew in an impressive 8 million, but it ranked as the highest-watched show amongst men during that hour. If that weren’t enough, it became Fox’s most-viewed drama series premiere during the 8:00 p.m. hour, since 2005’s Prison Break. In other words, it’s off to a great start. 

"Gotham" Series Premiere

Perhaps a big part of the show’s success is Jada Pinkett Smith’s character Fish Mooney. She’s a badass boss who wreaks havoc and casts gloom over Gotham years before Bruce Wayne becomes Batman. In the debut episode, for instance, she gets in some unconventional (read: violent) batting practice, holds two officers hostage, and uses a young Penguin (yes, that Penguin), to—how do we put this?—rethink the purpose of a chair. Don’t believe us, just watch.

Now, if you’re a DC Comics aficionado who’s unfamiliar with Fish Mooney, don’t fret. “The great thing about Jada Pinkett’s character Fish Mooney is that it’s created completely for this show,” said chief creative officer of DC Entertainment Geoff Johns. “It’s a brand new character.” Co-star Ben McKenzie, who plays a young Detective James Gordon, says Smith is bringing Mooney to life in a “beautifully nuanced, complicated, and sexy, and dark way.” So how did Smith get into character for a figure that no one has heard of yet?

“I did a lot of research on female gangsters,” she told Glam during Christian Siriano’s Spring 2015 runway show. “I also did a lot of research of Norma Desmond in Sunset Boulevard. So I did this kind of mesh between this dope female gangster that I love, and Norma Desmond. And Griselda Blanco. She’s one of the most fiercest female gangsters that has ever lived. I did a mash-up between the two of them, and configured Fish Mooney out of that.”

As for the “gangster” attire to match Mooney’s no-nonsense attitude? Thank Sarah Burton.

“Fish definitely wears a lot of Alexander McQueen.”

Star Scoop: Leonardo Suits up for Climate Change, Bette Midler Belts it Out, Your New Madam Secretary

By  September 23, 2014

140923_Star Scoop

We all know Leonardo DiCaprio loves his Toyota Prius, but his fascination with the hybrid world stretches beyond that of an eco-friendly car. Mr. Gatsby suited up for the United Nations Climate Summit in New York City, where he warned of “accelerated climate change” and urged international figures to take action on a governmental level. “This is not about just telling people to change their light bulbs or to buy a hybrid car; this disaster has grown beyond the choices that individuals make,” he said. “This is now about our industries and our governments around the world taking decisive and large-scale action.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

Kendrick Lamar isn’t the only one making headlines for new music. Bette Midler announced It’s the Girls today, her first album since 2006. The album will comprise covers of girl groups that have inspired Midler’s career, from 1930s group The Boswell Sisters to the 1990s icons of TLC. Yes, Midler takes on “Waterfalls.” We. Can’t. Wait! [Billboard]

It’s going to be a good season for Madam Secretary. The CBS drama, starring Téa Leoni as the United States Secretary of State, reeled in at least 14 million viewers during its series premiere Sunday night. This could be due to a huge lead-in from the Broncos-Seahawks NFL game, but we’ll see if beginners luck will strike next week when it faces off against ABC’s Once Upon a Time. [Vulture]

Speaking of good starts, enter Fox’s Gotham and CBS’s Scorpion. Both dramas opened Monday night with Gotham scoring 8 million viewers, and Scorpion piquing the interest of 14 million others. The former was not only the biggest draw amongst male viewers, but also Fox’s best drama premiere since Prison Break in 2005. [Variety]

Lena Dunham and Girls executive producer Jenni Konner are making movie magic. The pair are backing a documentary about Bindle & Keep, a Brooklyn-based (duh!) bespoke suiting company that caters to the L.G.B.T.Q community. Three Suits will follow a set of transgender Bindle & Keep clients, “examining the significance of the process for a set of customers with complex gender identities.” [Vanity Fair]

Jonathan Cheban Dishes on His Secrets to the Perfect Selfie

By  September 23, 2014

kim kardashian jonathan cheban

As Kim Kardashian‘s BFF, Jonathan Cheban has a wealth of experience when it comes to taking selfies and using iPhones as mirrors. In between traveling the world with the Kardashian family and launching his newest site, The Dishh, Cheban is working on a new venture, taking advantage of that knowledge gleaned from his girls. Cheban’s latest must-have is the Glam Screen – an HD Mirror screen protector and the selfie ring. Both are products that make achieving the perfect Instagram shot that much easier, but the Glam Screen is an essential for everyone. With this screen protector, gone are the days of searching for a mirror – simply use the iPhone that’s always in your hand for a mirror that’s always with you. We sat down with Cheban to talk about why everyone needs a Glam Screen on their phone and his secrets to the best selfie ever.

What brought on the idea of Glam Screen?

I basically thought there was a huge void in the phone accessory market.  I go to the mall all the time and there’s always phone accessory places. It’s the easy thing to browse. Everything was just very hardcore – lightening bolt, rough tough army grade camouflage and I was like there’s a whole void. These girls want fun stuff.

What makes this product different?

It’s like HD film so it’s like crystal clear. When you turn it on it makes the screen even clearer to read. 

Which of your celebrity friends are absolutely obsessed with this?

I have pictures of everybody – I make them hold it so you actually like see their faces. Everyone has the same reaction: “Oh my god, I love this; this is great. I don’t need to look in the mirror anymore!” It’s so funny I knew what you were going to say before you said it because there’s no one that doesn’t say the exact same thing.

What are your tips for taking great selfies?

Lighting is really important. I do have a special tip which I’m going to debut on my site. I just taught Kim about this tip and it’s awesome. You will take the best selfie with it.

1.  It’s all in the angle.  Hold the camera above your eye level, angle it down, and turn your face slightly to enhance your best side.  Bonus: no chin or neck sagging, real or otherwise!

2.  Take the selfie in Instagram.  Other apps and camera phones flip your photo so that the picture is opposite of how you see it. Instagram’s ‘right side up’ is usually more flattering, not to mention a better reproduction of what you look like to yourself.

3.  Don’t use a flash – it overexposes the photo.  Natural light creates a softer look.  Work with the filters to enhance the lighting – and if you want to get edgy, try black and white. (Here’s looking at you, Lisbeth Salander!)

4.  Forget close-ups. If you have long arms, use them to hold the camera at length to capture a distance between the camera and your face. If you don’t, invest in a selfie ring to help stabilize shaking.

5.  Look behind you. The wrong background can spoil your selfie – either because it’s ugly, embarrassing, or makes it look like you’ve got trees growing out of your head. Remember: you are (partially) your surroundings. Ignore them at your peril. 

Kendrick Lamar’s New Single Champions Self-Love

By  September 23, 2014

Kendrick Lamar’s good kid m.A.A.d city was a gem. It amassed critical acclaim and spawned conversation on its instant classic appeal. It championed the west coast’s gangsta rap origins and reminded the rest of the hip-hop world—saturated with club bangers and punchlines—that we will listen to, and appreciate, the narrative of a full album, not just a one-off hit. It showcased Lamar’s storytelling abilities and vocal range, from enraged ferocity to high-pitched hysterics. Above all, it proved that a project, not specifically built for commercial appeal could still be a mass hit.

With the drop of “i,” the long-awaited first single from his anticipated sophomore LP, Lamar seems to be gunning for a commercial success straight out of the gate. Bolstered by a sample of The Isley Brothers’ “That Lady?,” “i” is where feel-good Pharrell and an uplifting André 3000 meet. The track opens up with a preacher deeming Lamar “a young brother that stands for something” and “believes in all of us.” “He’s not a rapper. He’s a writer. He’s an author,” the speaker professes. “And if you read between the lines, you’ll learn how to love one another. But you can’t do that, without loving yourself first.”

Cue a Carlos Santana groove, Lamar’s versatile flow, and a message that will ultimately reverberate from Billboard charts and carve out a new sect of Lamar fans—those who resonate with pop more than they do a hard-hitting sound straight from Rosecrans. For loyal followers, those who’ve followed since the early 2000’s when Lamar went by K. Dot, it’s certainly a departure from “Backstreet Freestyle” and favorite “Money Trees.” If anything, “i” is a testament to Lamar’s evolution, a continuation of the joyous overtones of “Black Boy Fly” and “Now or Never.” He’s shared plenty about his hard times; let’s let him have a little fun.

Star Scoop: Running the Race, Friends Turns 20, Shonda Rhimes in Three Words

By  September 22, 2014

140922_Star Scoop

Maze Runner is the latest post-apocalyptic feature to captivate audiences and bring it at the box office. The film’s weekend opener grossed $32.5 million stateside and an impressive $81.5 million worldwide. Consider it a confidence booster for Fox, which has already set the date for a 2015 sequel. [Variety]

“There’s a sustaining humor at work on the new NBC entry Friends.” So reads the opener to The Hollywood Reporter’s review of Friends in 1994. Twenty years later, the publication is commemorating the classic by republishing its original article, which deemed the series “a clumsy parody of MTV’s The Real World” with the potential to be “humorously involving.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

The New York Times hit a huge PR problem when writer Alessandra Stanley opened up an article deeming Shonda Rhimes an “angry black woman.” While expertly-crafted rebuttals from the Internets and apologies from NYT ensued, more than 30 stars from Rhimes’ television empire combatted the original prose with three adjectives of their own. Read responses from Kerry WashingtonGuillermo Diaz, Viola Davis, and more. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Are you a Dr. Dre fan in need of a Detox? Don’t hold your breath. While he is releasing a new solo front—the highly-anticipated followup to 1992’s The Chronic and 1999’s 2001Detox isn’t it. “He scrapped Detox a couple years ago, and came up with another title,” says producer Dawaun Parker. Such a tease. [Billboard]

Bill Hader isn’t the only big name coming back to Saturday Night LiveJim Carrey, who guest starred on the sketch comedy show in 1996 and 2011, will be back this fall, near Dumb and Dumber To’s November 14 release. [Vulture]

Broadway’s The Lion King has no worries… for the rest of its days. Seventeen years, and counting, the mainstay has earned a whopping $6.2 billion, making it the highest-grossing Broadway production of all time. It even beat out the longest-running show in Broadway history, Phantom at the Opera, which has grossed $6 billion, to date. [Variety]

Four times are a charm for filmmaker Bryan Singer. He’s inked a deal with Fox to direct X-Men: Apocalypse, his fourth film from the Marvel franchise. You only have to wait a year-and-a-half to see how it turns out. [Deadline]

Mystery Solved: Colin Farrell Confirms ‘True Detective’ Role

By  September 22, 2014

Corrupt California city officials, hard women, bad men, and “the secret occult history of the United States transportation system” may be entangled in True Detective’s new twist; but one mystery has been solved, with Colin Farrell in its midst.

Colin Farrell in True Detective

The Horrible Bosses bad guy confirmed that he will star in season two of Nic Pizzolatto’s neo-Noir hit. Rumors surfaced earlier this summer that he would succeed Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson in the anthology series’ new setting and storyline, based on “the bloody murder of a corrupt city businessman found dead the night before a major transportation deal.” Thanks to an interview with Irish newspaper The Sunday World, we’ve verified Farrell’s new gig.

“I’m so excited,” he said of his part as one of three lead detectives. “I know it will be eight episodes and take around four or five months to shoot. I know very little about it, but we’re shooting in the environs of Los Angeles which is great. It means I get to stay at home and see the kids.”

Taylor Kitsch and Vince Vaughn have reportedly nabbed deals to join Farrell; Kitsch as a partnering detective, and Vaughn as a shady businessman whose duplicity is written all over the central murder. Neither have publicly confirmed their roles, but it’s safe to assume the ink has all but dried on their contracts. As for the fourth lead, a female one, the verdict is still out.

Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss was rumored to be the frontrunner for Ani Bezzerides, “a tough, no-nonsense Monterey sheriff whose troubled upbringing has driven her to gambling and alcohol.” As it turns out, there are seven other actresses on the shortlist: Malin Ackerman, Jaime Alexander, Jessica BielOona ChaplinRosario Dawson (who co-starred with Farrell in Alexander), Brit Marling, and Kelly Reilly. With eight months to go before its 2015 premiere date, there’s plenty of time to crack this case—just don’t ask creator Pizzolatto for any help.

“[It’s a] work in progress,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. Consider that all you need to know for now.

Star Scoop: Doing the Butt with J. Lo, Magic Mike’s Main Girl, Supergirl Takes Flight

By  September 19, 2014

140919_JLo Booty Video

After what seems like endless months of teaser clips and pics, Jennifer Lopez finally released the full video for “Booty,” featuring Iggy Azalea. It’s no “Partition,” and certainly no “Anaconda,” but still falls into the NSFW/gymspiration category. The verdict is still out on the song, butt…  [Vulture]

Matthew McConaughey won’t be stripping down for Magic Mike XXL, but there will be some new eye candy on set. The Rum Diary’s Amber Heard is the third actress to join the stripper sequel, alongside Jada Pinkett Smith and Andie MacDowell. No word on how involved their characters will be with the film’s road tripping plot, but the chance to see Channing Tatum in a pair of chaps is all the enticement we need. [The Hollywood Reporter]

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s… Supergirl?! A new series is taking flight at CBS based on Kara Zor-El, cousin to Superman, who escaped Krypton and, at the age of 24, finally decides to “be the hero she was always meant to be.” The show’s pilot is still in development, but once it airs, will join comic adaptations on other broadcast networks like Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD on ABC, Gotham on Fox, and Constantine on NBC. [Variety]

Saturday Night Live will continue Don Pardo’s tradition with a late-night alum. Darrell Hammond, who worked as a show regular from 1995—2009, has been tapped as the series’ new announcer. He was “best known for his impressions, including versions of Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Regis Philbin, and Sean Connery,” so we’re sure his voice is up to the task. [CNN]

Don’t talk to Emily Ratajkowski about “Blurred Lines” anymore. The model, star in Robin ThickePharrell, and T.I.’s summer 2013 smash, is doing her best to leave the controversial song and video in the past. In fact, she’s moving full steam ahead as a multifaceted performer, adding actress to her repertoire. We’ll see her alongside Ben Affleck in October’s Gone Girl, and she has some words to share about her scandalous character. “Andie is extremely sweet,” she says of her silver screen role. “She’s a nice person who really loves her boyfriend. I think that a lot of people perceive her a certain way because she’s ‘the mistress.’ But I read her as just a really sweet person who’s very young and very in love with her boyfriend. No mistress feels like the mistress — they feel like a loving wife or girlfriend, you know?” [Glam Inbox]

Star Scoop: Ansel Elgort Doesn’t Want to Disappear, U2 is Saving Music, Matthew McConaughey Won’t Strip Down

By  September 18, 2014

140918_Star Scoop

Newsflash Ansel Elgort: if you disappeared tomorrow, there’s a legion of teenaged girls who would lose their minds, despite what your character in Men, Women & Children thinks. A new trailer for the Jason Reitman drama has landed with Jennifer Garner channeling an over-protective mom and Adam Sandler in the midst of stepping out on his equally-duplicitous better half. We’re still thinking of Elgort, though. [Vulture]

Sorry to disappoint, but Matthew McConaughey isn’t stripping down to his skivvies anymore. Well, at least as Dallas in the anticipated sequel to 2012’s Magic MikeGreg Jacobs, who is directing the XXL installment of the franchise, confirmed that the Oscar winner won’t reprise his role, but promises that the project will be “different enough that once you see it you’ll understand why we made a sequel.” A few shirtless Channing Tatum moments will just have to do. [Indiewire]

If you were surprised when U2’s Songs of Innocence magically appeared in your music library, think again. The band, and Apple, have something bigger in store. The foursome, who was paid by Apple to distribute its album to 500 million iTunes users for free, is working on a special project to develop a new digital music format that will ensure all artists, especially smaller ones, get compensated for their work. [TIME]

We’ve waited two long, hard years, for the follow-up to Kendrick Lamar’s critically-acclaimed good kid m.A.A.d. city. As soon as next week, that wait may be over. The Compton-bred emcee unveiled the cover art for a new single, “i,” on Twitter, which will reportedly drop within the next seven days. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Lamar offered more bits on the elusive LP, saying it will be filled with “aggression and emotion,” and, like his debut, have minimal input from featured acts. “I have so much to say! It’s almost selfish of me.” [MTV]

Grumpy Cat—finally—has a voice. Lifetime announced that Parks and Recreation star Aubrey Plaza will voice the meme-friendly feline for its live-action TV movie, Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Though she was 81 years old at the time of her death, her friends, colleagues, and admirers say that Joan Rivers still had plenty more life to live. Her home network, E!, will do its best to share those moments with us tomorrow in an all-day tribute to Rivers, culminating in an episode of Fashion Police hosted by her daughter, Melissa. [Los Angeles Times]

Star Scoop: They’re Still On the Run, Hollywood Loves Prabal Gurung, It Won’t Be a Paranormal Halloween

By  September 18, 2014

140917_Star Scoop

Have you had enough of Beyoncé and Jay Z?!  Neither have we. From elevator incidents and divorce rumors to short films and baby buzz, the summer clearly belonged to the Carters, which makes this latest nugget all the more enjoyable. They are rumored to be releasing a joint album by early 2015, according to DJ Skee. We’ll be first on iTunes to buy it. [Vulture]

The Hollywood Reporter has a thing for lists. It’s ranked Tinseltown’s top lawyers and doctors, publicists and studio execs. Now it’s inducting a new class of A-list acts: fashion designers. In its inaugural Top 25 Red Carpet Designers rank, THR is paying tribute to the ateliers who’ve landed the likes of Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson in best-dressed company. Cover stars Prabal Gurung and Giorgio Armani made the cut, as did Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel, Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, and Roland Mouret. [Pret-a-Reporter]

If you were expecting to get spooked by Paranormal Activity 5 this Halloween, don’t hold your breath. The Ghost Dimension installment has been pushed back from an October 24 release date to March 2015. Because spring deserves a supernatural situation, too. [The Wrap]

Don’t call it a comeback—because, technically, it’s not—but Bill Hader is returning to Saturday Night Live for one night only. The funny man, whose SNL stint rant from 2005—2013, will host the October 11 edition of the comedy hour, with musical guest Hozier slated to perform. [Deadline]

Iggy Azalea isn’t letting anyone into her bedroom. After an ex-boyfriend surfaced with unreleased music and compromising footage of the “Fancy” star from 2009, Azalea and her team are fighting back with a lawsuit claiming theft and forgery. [TMZ]

Something tells us we’ll be seeing lots of Jessica Biel in the near future. After eight years off-camera, Mrs. Timberlake is making her small screen return as a guest on New Girl, in the running for the female lead on season two of True Detective, and has reunited with her 7th Heaven family. And it feels so good! [Huffington Post]

Yes Cara Can: Details On Delevingne’s Next Leading Role

By  September 17, 2014

cara-delevingne-04When news broke yesterday of Cara Delevingne‘s new gig—a lead role in the film adaptation of John Green’s Paper Towns—it was just another reason to applaud the bushy-browed beauty for stepping off of the catwalk and on to the silver screen. But, is the verdict still out on how promising of a movie star she’ll be?!

Though she has six films slated for release through 2015, we’ve seen her act in limited capacities: first for a small role in 2012’s Anna Karenina, and later in 2014’s The Face of an Angel, a thriller based on the real-life trial of Amanda Knox and described as “not simple to decipher” at best.

The task won’t be any easier for Paper Towns. She’ll star as Margo Roth Spiegelman opposite Nat Wolff, who tasted success as Isaac in the wildly-popular adaptation of Green’s bestselling The Fault in Our Stars. The tale centers around their adolescent connection, built over “the jarring experience of finding the body of a man who committed suicide,” years before reuniting to “get revenge on the people who’ve hurt” Margo. According to Green, we need not worry about Delevingne’s ability to convincingly pull it all off.

“Cara Delevigne’s [sic] audition blew everyone away (including me!),” he shared on Twitter, before admitting he should learn to spell her surname. “And she understands Margo profoundly. I am so excited!” The film’s director, Jake Schreier agrees, calling Delevingne’s audition “something special.”

As for how it will fare in theaters, let’s consider the adaptation of Green’s Fault in our Stars. It made more than $299 million at the box office on a $12 million budget—talk about a forecast. As for Delevingne, this is probably the project she needs to cement her A-list status. Move over, Jennifer Lawrence—there’s a new YA starlet in town.