Lauren Conrad Is Married!

By  September 14, 2014


Our girl from Laguna is now a married woman! Lauren Conrad tied the knot with fiancé William Tell on Saturday.

The pair said ‘I do’ in an intimate ceremony in Santa Ynez, California surrounded by family and friends, including Lo Bosworth who served as a bridesmaid. “What a perfect way to start our lives together; surrounded by the people we love most,” the newlyweds said in a statement to US Weekly.

Though the designer of her bridal gown has not yet been revealed, Conrad could have easily created the confection herself. Along with her design experience at Kohl’s, the lifestyle guru recently gave fans a peek of the Paper Crown bridesmaids’ dresses she designed for her party in the pages of Martha Stewart Weddings. “I sent them all the different shapes and let them pick from two colors,” she told the bridal bible. “I don’t mind if there are a few girls in the same dress, or if people are all in different ones. It’s too difficult to take a group of girls and put them in the same color and silhouette; everyone has their own style.” 

Friends set Conrad and Tell up on a blind Valentine’s Day date back in 2012, but Tell put a ring on it last October and Conrad couldn’t wait to share. “I am very excited to share with you guys that William and I got engaged over the weekend,” she gushed in the caption. “I am beyond thrilled!” She’s kept everyone informed on as she planned her nuptials her blog and social media from her bachelorette party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to her pretty pastel wedding shower over the Labor Day Weekend.

Congrats, Mr. and Mrs. Tell!

Star Scoop: J + B Forever, Michael Che Suits Up, Mandy Moore’s New Band

By  September 12, 2014

140912_Star Scoop

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper, forever! After the commercial and critical success of their first two projects, Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle, Lawrence and Cooper are teaming up again for a Depression-era drama, Serena. No date has been set for its stateside release, but fans will get a first look at the film during the London Film Festival in October. [Vulture]

There’s a new anchor pulling up to the late-night desk. Michael Che, of The Daily Show fame, is replacing Cecily Strong on Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” segment. Strong will remain a regular cast member on SNL while series creator Lorne Michaels says Che will help the segment find its identity, post-Seth Meyers. [New York Times]

Mandy Moore is bringing her sweet tooth to Fox. The multi-hyphenate landed a recurring role as chief of staff on the network’s new medial dramedy, Red Band Society. Executive producer Rina Mimoun says the addition will help develop adult storylines, in addition to those of the adolescent characters who star on the show. [The Hollywood Reporter]

On today’s episode of Friday Funny, this sixth grader candidly told President Barack Obama that she was disappointed he wasn’t Beyoncé. Totally understandable. [Huffington Post]

CBS sports anchor James Brown is taking a public stance against domestic violence. Following the disturbing details surrounding Ray Rice’s assault on then-fiancée (now wife) Janay Rice, Brown asserted that the problem goes beyond football. “This is yet another call for men to stand up to take responsibly for their thoughts, their words, their deeds,” Brown said during last night’s Thursday Night Football broadcast. “Our silence is deafening and deadly.” [YouTube]

Apple received mixed responses when copies of U2’s Songs of Innocence magically appeared in 500 million iTunes libraries earlier this week. Though free for consumers, retailers are wondering how they can make a buck on all of the action. There’s a deluxe set with acoustic exclusives for that. [Billboard]

June Ambrose Is Not a Stage Mom, and Daughter Summer is the Main Attraction

By  September 10, 2014

June and Summer AmbroseIt wasn’t the slinky sheaths or onna-bugeisha vibes that won us over during Hervé Léger’s Spring 2015 show. It was mother-daughther duo June and Summer Ambrose, particularly the latter. At just 10 years old, her VIP and front-row appearances could be enviable, and, some may even question her bold-faced name status amongst fashion’s biggest influencers. After a charming introduction, we don’t.

“I’m not a stage mom,” mother Ambrose beamed from the front row as paparazzi swarmed and reporters competed for a chance to chat. “[But] Summer does fashion week.”

She gave off a charismatic, enveloping air that, when she spoke, made you feel like old friends. Old, real friends—not in an air-kiss kind of way. Her daughter, Summer, obviously follows suit. She sat by, seemingly unimpressed with the flashing lights, and instead, turned around to greet Glam editors with a handshake—a firm one.

“Hi, I’m Summer,” the fifth-grader quipped. “I started school Thursday, so this is my first show this week.” With a mini Moschino wrapped around her black, white, and leopard-print ensemble, she was primed for street style stardom. And, it was refreshing to know that she favored fashion unlike that of Hervé’s sexy offerings.

“My favorite fashion show was Lacoste,“ she said, making sure to specify that it was “not this morning, a while ago.”

As for mother Ambrose, it was important that any photos snapped included her daughter’s new designer bag.

“[This] is my new Armani bag,” she told photographers. “Get Summer’s Moschino.”


Prince William and Princess Kate Are Expecting Royal Baby Number 2!

By  September 08, 2014


A new sibling is on the way for Prince George: The Duchess of Cambridge is pregnant with royal baby number 2! As with her first pregnancy, Kate Middleton is experiencing morning sickness, and will therefore be scaling back on engagements and appearances going forward. Prince George and his brother or sister to be (who will be fourth in line to the British throne) will barely be two years apart in age.

Congratulations to the gorgeous couple–and thanks to them for giving us something to talk about other than Fashion Week.

Estelle, NERVO, and More Share Their Top Tunes to Rock the Runway

By  September 05, 2014


Although everyone’s eyes are fixed on the runway, it’s actually the music they’re hearing that’s setting the tone for the show. Marissa Webb’s front row certainly pumped up the volume with a lineup of music mavens like Estelle, NERVO, Elle Varner, and up-and-comer Olivia Somerlyn. Glam caught up with these stylish songstresses to find out what tracks they would play to rock the runway:

Your No-Fail Soundtrack for a Fashion Show: “Generally, I would think Steve Aoki or Calvin Harris because it makes you excited, you could use the lights and everything in here. When it’s calm, and they’re [the models] walking in a straight line, it’s like, ‘I’m awake, I swear I’m awake.’”

From Your Own Repertoire: “My song, I would choose ‘Make Her Say.‘ It’s fantastic, it has a great beat, and it’s a bit rugged with the bass in it.”

Your No-Fail Soundtrack for a Fashion Show: “I Want Your Sex” by George Michael,

From Your Own Repertoire: I would say “Revolution.” I really like that record for the runway, or “It Feels,” which is one we haven’t released yet, but it’s coming.

Elle Varner:

Your No-Fail Soundtrack for a Fashion Show: “‘Back That A– Up‘ by Junvenile. I don’t know; it’s gets everybody bumping.”

From Your Own Repertoire:  “So Fly”

Olivia Somerlyn:

Your No-Fail Soundtrack for a Fashion Show:  “I would say my new single, ‘Parachute,’ it’s more of a dance-type song than I’ve ever done before. I love it; I just had so much fun writing it. I wrote it with Nick Jonas, and he produced it. We were all dancing around when we were writing it. It’s a really fun song, and I think it would sound great on the runway. Maybe one day!”

Joan Rivers Runs Deep: 10 Of Her Funniest Quotes

By  September 05, 2014

When we passed by the E! Fashion Police station at Lincoln Center Thursday morning, something was amiss. It was the first day of New York Fashion Week’s Spring 2015 collections, and we all knew that Joan Rivers, who was hospitalized exactly one week before, would not be present. Still, coping with her critical condition couldn’t prepare us for the worst: her daughter, and best friend, Melissa Rivers later confirmed that Rivers had passed away at 1:17 p.m. that afternoon.

Rivers’ death was naturally met with recollections of her prime—though that pinnacle could easily be definitive of any era, from her rise in the 1960s on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, to her own Late Show, to her Emmy award-winning stint on daytime television, to her Tony Award nomination in 1994, to her final shoot for Fashion Police at the tender age of 81. To say the career comedian was esteemed, varied, and an integral part of entertainment history would be an understatement.

What can’t be talked down are her effervescent quips that will make generations to come laugh out loud. Here are ten of her best.

Six Things We Learned from Kanye West at the Made in America Festival

By  September 03, 2014

When Glam bid farewell to summer over Labor Day weekendKanye West became a part of the deal—we’d nabbed tickets to his Philadelphia Made in America Festival headliner, after all. What we didn’t know is that in our first encounter with Yeezus post BBC interview, baby, and bride, is that he could be so… enchanting.

Kanye West — 2014 Budweiser Made In America Festival - Day 2 - Los Angeles

The Chicago emcee has garnered a polarizing rep over the past few years, if not for his frank interviews, run-ins with the paparazzi, and unabashed displays of self-love, then for marrying a woman many love to hate. Love or loathe him, there’s no denying West’s musical prowess: in collaboration, on record, and live on stage.

The latter was evident during the Saturday finale of “big brother” Jay Z’s Philadelphia festival stage. Though we came in expecting a late show, West respected the fête’s curfew and started on time. Though we expected a drawn-out lamentation on his A-list woes, West kept it all about the music, and weaved his musings in between songs without missing a beat. Though we thought his performance would be relegated to songs solely from Yeezus, West pleasantly surprised us—by surprised, we mean mosh pitting and screaming for more—with his bangers like “Jesus Walks,” “Run This Town,” and “All of the Lights.” He did, however, wear that mask.

Here are six more things West made sure to convey over his Labor Day set. Maybe summer isn’t so cruel after all.

1. He works hard, and it’s not laughing matter“To now, 37 years old, I’m still on this mother______. We work extremely hard, and people want to make a joke out of how hard we work… Whether it’s South Park making a joke a long time ago about us going to fashion shows. Whether it’s MTV recently making a joke, [referencing Jay Pharaoh’s VMAs impersonation]… it’s fine, it’s all funny and everything, but, don’t distract from our mission. It’s not a joke what we do up here. This music that we do is not a joke. What we do culturally is not a joke.”

Kanye West, Outside Lands Fest

2. Neither is his marriage to Kim Kardashian. “When I was at an all-black school and people used to pick at the white girl at the school, that was not a joke. So for me to be in a very publicized, interracial relationship, it’s not a joke. It’s something that you should treat with respect. Because we’re all in this together.”

3. He won’t stand for segregation of any form. They try to make it seem like a self-absorbed thing, but the bottom line is I want to be able to create more. To create more that can help more people. When I did The College Dropoutthere hadn’t been music like that at that time. It was the segregation between what they called hip-hop and gangster rap. I used to get booed at… shows for wearing a Roc-A-Fella chain. It was the segregation. There’s many ideas of segregation: you can’t sit at this table… And then you get to the idea of “New Slaves.” That sh__ is serious, what I’m talking about on there.”

4. He still loves the press. “I’ve got love for Sway, I’ve got love for Charlamagne [the God], I’ve got love for all these people, anybody in the media… I know everybody’s doing their job. But before we go to the next song, I want people the realize, what we do, we put our love, our heart, our pain, our story, our lives into it, until 3:00 a.m., every night in the studio for this.”

5. Don’t listen to the lies“They’ve got a problem with me or they hate me, something like that, something like that [he sang this part, twice]… What’s the reason why they would say that Kanye is not a good guy? The only thing that I do is I tell the truth, and if I tell the truth, and I’m not a good guy, what that means is what they tell you the rest of the time is all lies.”

6. There’s nothing wrong with class“What makes that Mercedes-Benz so much better than that Toyota? Well, that’s called class. It’s what motivates you to pay more for school, so that you can get a better job, so that you can get a better house, so that you can get a better car, so that you can be in a better class system. That’s called class. Not just an E-Class, or a C-class.”

Music Musings: Nick Irwin Gets Runway Ready for NYFW

By  September 03, 2014


Nothing sets the mood at a fashion show like the music, and industry insiders are getting into the mix. TIGI Global Creative Director Nick Irwin is one stylist who actually DJed on the side last season. He chatted with Glam about what tunes are the best for the shows and even shared an exclusively playlist to get you pumped to hit Lincoln Center and celebrate the end of the summer in style.

Does your backstage playlist change from season to season?

There are some songs that I love that remind me of certain events that I like being reminded of when I’m working – like being backstage at my first runway show, my childhood, my wedding, etc. But I also like to mix in other songs that are new or that I’m loving at the moment. I also try to keep the playlist full of songs with high-energy beats that keep the team moving. With hair tests and 6:00 a.m. show call times, our days can be very long and you have to keep the energy flowing!

What artists and songs are you currently loving?

Todd Terje, Harry Thumann’s “Underwater,” The Ganges Orchestra’s  “The Dream,” Michael McDonald’s “Sweet Freedom,” Tullio de Piscopo’s “Bajon (Appo remix),” T Coy’s “Carino.”

How do you come across new artists/songs? Is it an organic process or do you go out searching for new music?

I’m constantly bouncing around on Soundcloud looking for new songs and mixes. I also have a lot of friends – including TIGI Creative Teammates – who love music as much as I do and we’re always sharing new finds. A great friend of mine, DJ Mark Farina, always points me in the right direction by sending me tracks.

Why is a good playlist key backstage/on set?

I like to keep my team motivated and excited when we’re backstage. It’s a hectic time and we only have a certain, short amount of time to get 20+ models ready and looking perfect for the runway. A good playlist can set the stage and vibe to keep everyone on track and in the right attitude to deliver an amazing hair look. It also gives the models a great energy boost before they head out onto the catwalk.

When I’m working on photoshoots and on-set, it’s all about setting the mood that needs to be captured on film. When everyone on set is on the same page, it makes for an even better end result in the photo. 

Star Scoop: In Bed with Mrs. West, First Look at NBC’s Peter Pan, Say Goodbye to the Boardwalk (Empire)

By  September 03, 2014

140903_Star Scoop

If Kim Kardashian is known for anything—reality television, an addictive app, keeping Nori laced in the finest of designers—it’s her body. Mrs. West celebrated that fact as British GQ’s Woman of the Year in a nude spread that could almost put Rihanna to shame. Almost. Still, we’re certain she’s not frayed by any leaks.  [E! Online]

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s… a first look at Allison Williams as Peter Pan. The star of NBC’s next live musical feat has traded in her signature brunette locks and refined red carpet style for a pixie, green spandex, and fishnet tights. [Vulture]

Fans of Nucky Thompson and Chalky White are lamenting Boardwalk Empire’s final bow. If there’s anything you take from this review, though, it’s that the drama’s “more sweeping and cinematic” aesthetic and acclaimed storytelling make the Prohibition finale one to remember. [Variety]

We told you Disney wasn’t through being cold. The studio announced that there’s more from the Frozen franchise on the way, starting with a 2015 short film called Frozen Fever, featuring characters from the animated hit. The short will center around Anna’s birthday and how “Elsa’s icy powers may put more than just the party at risk.” [Huffington Post]

Baby Bruce Wayne is headed to Netflix. The streaming giant has attained the rights to Fox’s Gotham ahead of its September 22 series premiere. Gotham will be made available internationally on Netflix after its first season, an unprecedented deal that “[grants] Netflix multi-territory rights as opposed to the typical country-by-country dealmaking,” according to Variety. [The Verge]


Star Scoop: Meet Mrs. Dwyane Wade, Kim K. is So Awesome, FBI Probes JLaw Leak

By  September 02, 2014

140902_Star Scoop

Bring on the bride! Gabrielle Union walked down the aisle and wed her basketball beau, Dwyane Wade in a black-and-white affair over the weekend. Clad in a bespoke Dennis Basso gown, the bride said her I Do’s in front of a star-studded congregation, including comedian Kevin Hart, fellow Miami Heat player Chris Bosh, and former Wade teammate Lebron James. The couple share their Labor Day anniversary with Ashlee Simpson and Diana Ross’ son Evan Ross; and Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg. [ABC News]

Speaking of weddings, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s European nuptials are still making headlines. We caught a glimpse of the couple’s ceremony during the season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, and dare we say it was oh, so sweet?! Especially West’s “Awesome” ode to his then bride-to-be. [Vulture]

Apple hackers, Apple hackers, what’cha gonna do? The FBI is coming for you. The federal strong-arm is investigating the leak of compromising celebrity photos that appeared across the web over the weekend. Among the A-list targets are Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton, whose reps say they will prosecute the distribution of any images to the furthest extent of the law. RihannaKirsten Dunst, and Avril Lavigne were also victims in the hack; if the outcome of this case is anything like that of Christopher Chaney in 2012, the culprit could face up to 10 years behind bars. [CNN]

After weeks atop the box office, this comes as no surprise: Guardians of the Galaxy is now the highest-grossing film of 2014. It’s made $262.1 million domestically since its August 1 debut, surpassing the half-billion dollar mark in international ticket sales. [Entertainment Weekly]

We know it’s a little early for a throwback, but this rare footage of a “I Kissed a Girl” Katy Perry, when she was still Katy Hudson, is worthy of a play. [Huffington Post]

Speaking of Perry, her ex-husband Russell Brand has a new documentary in the works, based on footage captured over the past five years. [Variety]