First Lady Michelle Obama Talks ‘Scandal’ Finale and Social Media

By  April 23, 2014

We knew she was a FLOTUS after our own hearts.

140423_Obama’s Easter Egg Roll

First Lady Michelle Obama was among the 10.6 million Gladiators who tuned in to the season three finale of Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal last Thursday. An avid follower of the show, who admitted to binge watching the series en route to Hawaii, Obama had an uncharacteristically hard time conveying her stance on the series’ darkest season yet.

“I don’t know what to say,” she told Entertainment Tonight correspondent Rocsi Diaz during the 136th White House Easter Egg Roll on Monday. “How do you react to that? It’s just nuts!”

With the murder of Fitz’s son, Olivia’s departure from OPA with Jake in tow, Huck’s long-awaited reunion with his wife, the capture of Mama Pope, and reveal of Papa Pope’s duplicitous aims, season three’s climax colored us stunned! (Why do we allow Shonda and company to continually jeopardize our sense of sanity?).

“It was pretty intense,” Obama added.

Something the always-chic FLOTUS did have a clear stance on? The First Family’s use of social media.

“It’s the way we communicate, particularly with young people” she said of her and President Barack Obama’s respective Twitter and Instagram accounts, totaling more than 51.68 million followers. As for finding Malia and Sasha Obama on their timelines, think again.

“No,” the First Lady shared about keeping her two daughters away from social networks. “They don’t need to be exposed to all that is out there. We’re trying to keep them as normal as possible in a sort of disconnected, disaffected [way].”

And, as far away from a real-life scandal as possible, obvi.

One More Time? No Reunion for ‘Will & Grace’ or 'Friends'

By  April 23, 2014

Ever wonder what’s become of Will & Grace’s friendship, nine years after show creators David Kohan and Max Mutchnick closed the curtain? Dreamt of all your favorite Friends meeting up for just one more cup of joe? Sorry to burst your nostalgic sitcom bubble, but neither is going to happen.


NBC curbed any and all enthusiasm about a Will & Grace special today, just 24 hours after initial reports of an Eric McCormackDebra MessingMegan Mullally, and Sean Hayes reunion ran across the web. A network source told Buzzfeed that there is “no truth” behind the buzz, and though there may be room for a reunion in the future, “there are no talks right now.”

If that weren’t enough of a dagger, Hayes, who played Will’s gay best friend Jack, tweeted “I can officially say, no one has contacted any of us about a ‘reunion’ show or special,” sealing the sad news with a downcast Emoji.

Short-lived murmurs of Will & Grace’s reunion incited Friends star Courteney Cox to offer words about her own classic comedy’s potential to reemerge. “It’s not going to happen,” she told David Letterman Monday night on his namesake show, adding that it’s hard enough to get the gang together for a dinner date.

Her sentiment is shared by Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman, and frankly, isn’t at all new. Last year, Kauffman debunked reunion rumors telling Us Weekly “Friends was about that time in your life when your friends are your family and once you have a family, there’s no need anymore.” Cox’s castmate Jennifer Aniston even shut down giving the show a Sex and the City-style movie treatment in 2012. “Friends is not in a movie theater,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “It doesn’t make sense to me. I think it would be going against its authentic self.”

Consider our hearts stilled—and minds made up that it’s probably best to leave both shows where they ended. After all, we can always revisit the tales on Netflix.

Star Scoop: CAA Catches Up with Lupita, ‘Pretty Hurts’ Was Meant for Bey, VH1 is Being Made Over

By  April 22, 2014


Lupita Nyong’o has had quite the A-list debut. From stealing the fashion industry’s heart, to winning an Oscar, and becoming the new face of Lancôme, she wears her It-girl title well. Now, as the newest talent on the CAA roster—home to Jessica Chastain and Marion Cotillard—we’d bet that her next role will be even bigger. [The Hollywood Reporter]

A heart-pumping dance class isn’t the only way to channel the Queen Bey. Checking and responding to emails in a timely fashion will put you closer to Parkwood Entertainment than you know. Singer-songwriter Sia revealed in an exclusive with The New York Times that “Pretty Hurts” ended up in Beyoncé’s hands—and on her unparalleled fifth album—after Katy Perry missed an email about it and Rihanna’s management sat on the song for too long. As Katy put it to Sia via text, “It was meant to be with Beyoncé, of course.” [Vulture]

VH1’s new programming chief is laying down the law… and laying off employees. Susan Levison, who’s been at the network for little more than a year, led a restructuring of its New York development team, resulting in 10 departures. “It’s imperative we accurately structure our teams to deliver the content that our growing number of viewers want from VH1 today,” a spokesperson said, adding that the shift was due to a ratings upswing and cross platform development. [The Hollywood Reporter]

From Saving Private Ryan to The Terminal, and now, this. Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg are joining forces again, this time for a thriller about real-life attorney James Donovan who negotiated the release of an American pilot during the Cold War. [Variety]

It’s officialJay Z and Beyoncé are making all of our summer dreams come true and hitting the road for a 20-city stadium tour. Hopefully, with Blue Ivy and her bun in tow. [Billboard]

Netflix is raising its streaming service prices for new members an astounding… dollar or two. The company recently upped Ireland’s monthly rates from €6.99 to €7.99 and will be introducing the bump to existing customers in two years. Which, as it remains, is a drop in the $200-plus bucket I spend every month on a cable service that shall remain nameless. [Vulture]

Box Office Beat: Captain America The Winter Solder Holds Strong to the Top Spot

By  April 21, 2014


It seems even the Easter festivities couldn’t keep movie goers from the theaters this weekend as Captain America and the rest of S.H.I.E.L.D. battled back the competition to remain at number one. See what other movies had fans rushing to their seats during the holiday:
1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier $26.6M
2. Rio 2 $22.5M
3. Heaven Is for Real $21.5M
4. Transcendence $11.2M
5. A Haunted House 2 $9.1M
6. Draft Day $5.9M
7. Divergent $5.8M
8. Oculus $5.2M
9. Noah $5M
10. God’s Not Dead $4.8M

Star Scoop: Pharrell is ‘Here,’ Kobe Bryant Gets the Doc Treatment, Mrs. Doubtfire Returns

By  April 17, 2014


The Academy Awards may have another chance to get it right. Pharrell dropped “Here,” a ballad he wrote for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which we hope earns him another Oscar nom (and eventual win) for his song-penning prowess. Mr. G I R L also worked on the score for the summer blockbuster, further showcasing him as a man of many (literal) hats. [Rolling Stones]

Speaking of the Oscars, its 87th annual ceremony will air, stream, or be celebrated at a swanky Glam Fam affair, on February 22nd, 2015. [Huffington Post]

Never fear, Angelenos. Kobe Bryant will be back on the hardwood this fall. Before his big return, Showtime will debut a documentary on the record-setting baller that will highlight the “successes and challenges during his professional life” and probe Bryant on his post-basketball plans. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Mrs. Doubtfire, take two. Robin Williams will reunite with the 1993 film’s director Chris Columbus for a long-awaited sequel. No word yet on the plot line yet, but based on the original’s $222 million run at the international box office, it’ll likely be a hit. [Vulture]

Sound the alarm! You’ve been sentenced to another binge-watching session at Litchfield. That’s right—the season two trailer for Orange is the New Black has landed. [YouTube]

April showers bring May flowers… and mark the return of the Tribeca Film Festival. With 10 more days to go, The Huffington Post has compiled a list of must-see film’s from this year’s competition. Among them, an untitled James Brown documentary, a film celebrating Nas’s classic Illmatic, a Katie Holmes starrer about a school teacher-turned-vigilante, and James Franco’s drama about a group of teens, Palo Alto. [Huffington Post]

We’re just on day two of the TFF, but Cannes is gunning to steal its proverbial thunder. Cannes Film Festival authorities unveiled the lineup for this year’s competition, with 18 films—three from the U.S., including a western from actor/director Tommy Lee Jones—vying for the coveted Palme d’Or. [Variety]

Here’s your chance to meet Brad PittBruno Mars, and Kings of Leon for only $10. This is not a test. We repeat: this is Not. A. Test. [Groupon]

Star Scoop: Channing Tatum Eyeing X-Men, Welcome to the Carter Show, Made in America Goes to L.A.

By  April 16, 2014


Channing Tatum. MTV Movie Award Trailblazer. Magic Mike bust-a-mover. Newest member of the X-Men team?! Tatum told reporters that he met with X-Men producer Lauren Shuler Donner to discuss taking on the role of Gambit in the franchise’s next installment, joking that he’s already started working on the character’s distinct New Orleans accent. [Huffington Post]

A combined 184 shows… and counting?! Though Jay Z and Beyoncé wrapped their global tours in January and March, respectively, rumor has it that the two will be bringing duets like “03 Bonnie & Clyde” and “Drunk in Love” on the road in a joint, 20-show, stadium tour. If this happens, we’ll be (there!) all night. [Billboard]

Whether or not the Carter show comes to a stadium near you, there’s still the Budweiser Made in America Festival to plan for. Luckily, for Angelenos, this year’s bow will be bicoastal. Jay Z announced in a press conference that the festival will take place, simultaneously, in its native Philadelphia and L.A. over Labor Day Weekend. The news faced opposition from groups of downtown L.A. residents who live near the proposed venue, but as City Council Supervisor Gloria Molina put it, “L.A. has 99 problems, but Jay Z and Budweiser Made in America ain’t one.” Clever. [L.A. Times]

Jonah PerettiBen SmithShane Smith, and Nick Denton: welcome to the fold. The four media entrepreneurs, of BuzzFeed, VICE Media, and Gawker fame, are the newest additions to The Hollywood Reporter’s 35 Most Powerful People in Media — New York list. They join the ranks of Anna WintourJimmy Fallon, and former mayor Michael Bloomberg as the driving forces of NYC’s media scene. [The Hollywood Reporter]

CBS is cutting the cord on Chelsea Handler’s alleged new role. Thanks to a cryptic Instagram post, fans started to believe that Handler’s “business meeting” at the network involved talks about replacing Craig Ferguson when he leaves The Late Late Show. Turns out, it was a “general meeting” with CBS’s syndication department. Whether this is true, or a ploy to avert our attention, we think it’s high time that a woman take on late night with The Big Three. [Vulture]

A Morning Rendezvous With The Other Woman

By  April 14, 2014


On Friday morning we found ourselves at The Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills awaiting our rendezvous with The Other Woman. No this wasn’t an illicit affair, but a chance to hear from the film’s cast over muffins and mimosas. The comedy centers on the bond that Carly (Cameron Diaz), Kate (Leslie Mann), and Amber (Kate Upton) form once they discover that they’re all being cheated on by three-timing Mark (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). All four stars and Taylor Kinney, who plays Kate’s honest brother Phil, gathered to share insight about the film and its vibrant characters.

The session produced several revealing and hilarious moments. Diaz complimented Upton’s performance as a loveable but flighty mistress by remarking, “You have to be really smart to play that dumb!” Upton and Coster-Waldau recalled an intense spanking scene between their characters that was left out of the final movie, and when asked how she’s able to act intoxicated on-camera so well, Mann confessed, “I observe a lot of you drunk people at the bars!” About his bad guy role, Coster-Waldau claimed that Mark is, “a real prick, and he gets what he deserves.”

But when a reporter asked the cast, “Did any of you feel empathy towards the cheater?,” the panel fell silent. The ladies exchanged glances with each other and let out a collective, ‘Hmm.’ Then Kinney jokingly admitted that he felt bad for Mark after hearing about the previously mentioned painful spanking scene. The room chuckled before moving on to the next journalist’s question, but this collective reaction suggested that the audience isn’t supposed to identify strongly with the adulterous Mark.

The cast agreed that his character was designed to be despicable so that the audience could guiltlessly enjoy watching this team of stunning women vengefully destroy his life. In a film that celebrates how much damage three scorned ladies can inflict upon one lying man, does anyone pause to think whether the cheater deserves a sliver of mercy? Judging by the unrestrained laughter that filled an early screening of the film, probably not.

The Other Woman will hit theaters on April 25th.

Celebrity Captures at Coachella 2014

By  April 14, 2014


Coachella’s first weekend has come and gone, taking over headlines and our social media feeds with snapshots from the annual music and arts fête. There was OutKast’s first stage performance since their 2007 hiatus, Beyoncé’s surprise cameo during little sister Solange’s set, and spirited selfies from festival VIPs like Kendall and Kylie JennerRita Ora, and model Chanel Iman. Click through to see which celebs let us live vicariously through their #Coachella-clad Instagram snapshots.

Star Scoop: Lana Del Rey’s Western, Beyoncé Crashes Coachella, Avatar Has Three Sequels in the Works

By  April 14, 2014


La la means I love you we’re singing the Mondaze away with a little help from Lana Del Rey. After gracing the stage at Coachella this weekend, she gave fans a new single from her forthcoming album Ultraviolence, which aptly pays tribute to the “West Coast.” [Huffington Post]

To know me is to know the aforementioned brief, as lovely as it is, pales in comparison to this Coachella news. No, I’m not talking the Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration, despite its level on the major moment(!) scale. I’m talking Beyoncé crashing Solange’s set and joining in on a 1-2 step from the latter’s “Losing You.” Queen Bey and her surprises! [Mashable]

Seth Meyers is draping 30 Rock with Don Draper digs. After settling into his new role as Jimmy Fallon’s successor on Late Night, the SNL alum has made the show’s dressing and green rooms his own, complete with retro fixtures, vintage finds, and the snazziest walls we’ve come across in a while. [Architectural Digest]

James Cameron is readying to open up Pandora’s box once more. During a Reddit Ask Me Anything chat, the director revealed that all three Avatar sequels are in pre-production, simultaneously, with “creatures, settings, and characters that span all three films.” His one setback? Time. “The biggest pressure I feel right now is cutting out things I love to get the film down to a length that is affordable,” he said, adding “there hasn’t been a problem finding new and wonderful things to include in the movie.” [Vulture]

Ding, dong, the evil King Joffrey is dead! Game of Thrones fans rejoiced last night when the Purple Wedding’s festivities came to a screeching halt with the murder (via poison) of one of the series’ most-hated characters. The departure may seem too lofty, too early in the season’s start, but the episode’s director Alex Graves says “Joffrey’s death is a beginning… [that] affects the show through to the climax.” [Hollywood Reporter]

All we really remember from last night’s MTV Movie Awards was Zac Efron’s shirtless cameo (well, hello there!), but there were plenty of awards handed out, too. Channing Tatum was lauded as a trailblazer and Mark Wahlberg received the Generation Award for his storied career, while fan favorites like Jared Leto and Rihanna munched on golden popcorn. But back to Efron sans shirt. Heeey! [USA Today]

Box Office Beat: Captain America: The Winter Soldier Claims the Top Spot Again

By  April 14, 2014


While Rio 2 took flight this weekend in its debut, the family flick couldn’t keep up with SHEILD’s strong start. With Captain America still on top, where did the rest of the biggest movies land?
1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier $41.4M
2. Rio 2 $39M
3. Oculus $12M
4. Draft Day $9.8M
5. Divergent $7.5M
6. Noah $7.5M
7. God’s Not Dead $5.5M
8. The Grand Budapest Hotel $4.1M
9. Muppets Most Wanted $2.2M
10. Mr. Peabody & Sherman $1.8M