Shoot Em Up: Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj Drop ‘Bang Bang’

By  July 29, 2014

140729_Bang Bang

Nicki Minaj may have pushed back the release date for “Anaconda,” but she still has new music to share. After Monday’s leak of her bodacious “Bang Bang” collaboration with high-powered crooners Jessie J and Ariana Grande, the trio have officially released the record on iTunes.

“Bang Bang,” a sassy soundtrack to the bad girls, will be the debut single from Jessie J’s third album, her second to be released in the U.S. Grande will also add the Max Martin-produced song to her discography with a spot on the deluxe edition of My Everything, out August 25. No word on whether Minaj will feature the track on The Pink Print, but rumor has it that the three will perform the modern-day “Lady Marmalade” at the MTV Video Music Awards next month.

One thing we can bet on is that there’s a video on the way.

“We fly to L.A. in about six hours to shoot the video,” Jessie J told Elvis Duran and The Z100 Morning show today. “Honestly, I’m so excited! We shoot the video tomorrow and the next day. Me, Nicki, and Ariana are all available which is rare in itself—no blue screen, no green screen, no screens!”

Listen to “Bang Bang” below and await the badass visuals that will undoubtedly follow.

In other music news… Hilary Duff returned to the recording booth after seven years. Here’s her new, Colbie Caillat-penned single, “Chasing the Sun.”

Winner’s Circle: 2014 Young Hollywood Awards

By  July 29, 2014

Beauty buffs may have a thing for old Hollywood glamour, but Monday night, at Los Angeles’ The Wiltern Theater, Tinseltown’s youngest stars stole the stage. Kelly Osbourne hosted the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards, which honored achievements from pop culture’s emerging acts, as merited by 13—19 year old voters. Orange is the New Black proved the evening’s top victor, earning three awards: Breakthrough Actress Danielle Brooks, the We Love To Hate You award for Pablo Schreiber, and most Bingeworthy TV Show—though we’re not sure it’s a program aimed at teen audiences (*wink).

1_CGM YHA Slideshow

Click through to see other young favorites, like Shailene WoodleyChole Grace Moretz, and Ansel Elgort, take home YHA trophies.

Lady Gaga Takes a Stab at Acting

By  July 29, 2014

LadyGagaSinCityLady Gaga’s performance hat is always on, as the singer’s sartorial choices and made to project different personas. While the infamous meat dress and iconic egg contraption are, in a lot of ways, two ends of the spectrum, they’re both just sooo Gaga.

But her most recent announcement involves a movie screen and a character that’s not, well, herself. The singer shared via Instagram that she’ll be appearing alongside Jessica Alba, Rosario Dawson and Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill. Her retro waitress getup is a departure from what we’re used to seeing from her, but we don’t hate it. The best part about all of this is, of course, that there’ll be a number of red carpet opportunities during the movie’s press tour for Lady Gaga to shock us a little more.

Star Scoop: Wonder Woman Revealed, Lea Michele Rides Out, Nicki Minaj Pushes Back

By  July 28, 2014

140728_Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

We know how Henry Cavill suits up, and we’re finally warming up to Ben Affleck in his Batsuit. Today, Warner Bros. is unveiling a third central character in its Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film: Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman. We admit this iteration of the DC Comics hero is chicer than we expected. [Forbes]

Sons of Anarchy is going out with a bang… and an unexpected guest star. Glee’s Lea Michele confirmed that she scored a spot on the FX drama’s final season. She’ll play Gertie, “empathetic truck stop waitress and single mother, who connects with Gemma during a difficult time.” We take it she won’t break off into song. [MTV]

The release of “Anaconda” isn’t the only thing Nicki Minaj is pushing back. Before informing fans that The Pink Print single would drop August 4 instead of today, Minaj responded to critics who deemed the its racy album art unacceptable. The shade master uploaded Sports Illustrated images to her account with models in similar bum-baring attire, an answer to the question of industry double standards. Who’s (back)side are you on? [Vulture]

Zoe Saldana is one busy mommy-to-be. While promoting her new film, Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel announced that it has given its sequel the go-ahead for a July 28, 2017 release. Between now, and then, she has two other film franchises to worry about: Avatar, which has three upcoming sequels, and a third Star Trek space saga. [The Verge]

One monkey script leak don’t stop no show. Even though the script for Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight leaked earlier this year, the filmmaker declared that the Western will still appear on the silver screen. [Variety]

Tarantino broke that news at a Comic-Con panel for Dynamite Comic’s Django UnchainedZorro crossover comic book. “I loved this idea, not only because I like western comics in general, but I also loved Zorro in all his iterations whether it was the Disney series or the William Witney films,” Tarantino shared. “I thought it was a great idea of taking the most famous, fictional Mexican western hero and putting him together with the newer, famous black western hero.” [Deadline]

For $9.95 a month or $99.95 a year, you can have access to Sarah Palin, ‘round-the-clock. The former Republican vice-presidential candidate is airing it out on her new, online network. The eponymous channel promises to be “a news channel that really is a lot more than news.” Will you be watching? [Politico]

TV Buzz from the TCAs: What You Should Know About Your Favorite Shows

By  July 28, 2014

140723_TCA Slideshow

The summer 2014 Television Critics Association press tour closed last week, and with it, plenty of reason to tune in to shows’ promising new seasons. Charlie Hunnam hit the annual promo set to curb reports that another Emmys snub has left the Sons of Anarchy cast solemn; Parenthood showrunners say its final season will hit hard; and Fox promises that Octavia Spencer dramedy Red Band Society won’t have a “body count.” That, and more ‘tube takeaways, from the TCAs:

Five Minutes of Funny: What to Expect from The Simpsons x Family Guy

By  July 28, 2014

Welcome to Springfield!

140728_Griffins in Springfield

Fox’s animated mainstays, The Simpsons and Family Guy, are joining forces this fall, and Comic-Con fans were the first to get a look at the mashup. During Saturday’s Family Guy panel, executive producer Steve Callaghan shared five minutes from the upcoming hour-long special. The clip, which opens with the Griffins stumbling upon Springfield, includes donut sharing between dads Homer and Peter, pranks calls with Bart and baby Stewie, and a street fight of intergalactic proportions.

Back in May, Fox Chairman of Entertainment Kevin Reilly shared that Bart and Stewie bond over skateboarding, while reports added that Lisa will help Meg tap into her best self, and moms Marge and Lois become real housewives on the run.

Aside from their run-in with comedy’s other cartoon family, the Griffins will get another visit from Jesus around Christmas, and Liam Neeson will “poke fun at himself” on the show later this season. As for the Simpsons, they’re in for a tragic loss. In its season premiere, the series will say goodbye—for good—to one of its Emmy-winning characters. The title “A Clown in the Dumps” hints at the end of Krusty the Clown, but this 35-second tease spotlights Homer’s new affliction.

The Simpsons-Family Guy crossover, and the former’s season premiere, will debut on Fox on September 28.

Game Time: Jennifer Lawrence Readies for a Fight in ‘Mockingjay’

By  July 28, 2014

Let the games begin… again.


After a first look at Julianne Moore as President Coin, an ominous message from President Snow, and a peek at its interactive script, the first trailer for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, has arrived.

Lionsgate debuted the clip in San Diego at Comic-Con this weekend. The teaser features the late Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch Heavensbee, endorsing Katniss as the leader to rally Panem’s respective Districts against the Capitol’s totalitarian rule. Jennifer Lawrence speaks up as Katniss Everdeen at the end of the clip, ensuring fellow rebels that she will rally in their fight against Snow.

Part one of the Mockingjay epic, starring Lawrence, Moore, Josh Hutcherson, Liam HemsworthWoody Harrelson, and Elizabeth Banks, will land in theaters November 21.

Star Scoop: An Expendable Error, McConaughey Crashes Comic-Con, Lionel Richie Live!

By  July 28, 2014

140725_The Expendables

We’ve heard of leaks… but none quite like this. A DVD-quality version of The Expendables 3 surfaced online, three weeks before its theatrical release, and has since been illegally downloaded more than 200,000 times. Since the first two installments earned more than $575 million at the box office combined, this scandal could cost Lionsgate millions. Ouch! [Entertainment Weekly]

Beyoncé isn’t the only celeb with a thing for surprises. Matthew McConaughey popped up at Comic-Con Thursday with his Interstellar director Christopher Nolan. They weren’t empty-handed, either. After addressing an excited crowd, they debuted a new trailer for the Paramount production. [Variety]

Billboard is honoring Lionel Richie with its highest touring accolade. On November 20, the industry vet will receive the Legend of Live mark at the 2014 Billboard Touring Awards for his “significant and lasting contributions to live music and the touring industry.” [Billboard]

Marvel has found its newest hero. According to The Wrap and The Hollywood Reporter, Joaquin Phoenix has been tapped to play Dr. Strange in a new film franchise. [Vulture]

Hello, Clarice? NBC’s Hannibal has been a prequel to 1991’s Silence of the Lambs, leaving audiences wondering if, and when, FBI Agent Starling will come in to play. Producer Martha De Laurentiis finally gave fans a reason why the character, made famous by Jodie Foster, has yet to appear. [The Wrap]

Jesse Eisenberg didn’t let unrest in Israel keep him away. The Oscar-nominated actor attended a performance of the Hebrew adaptation of his 2013 play, The Revisionist, there this week. After the show’s Tel Aviv debut, he told the audience, “If there was any sign that I would be endangered somehow, I would have hesitated to come, but that wasn’t the case. Israel is a wonderful country, and it is an unfortunate time, of course, for people living here, but for me this has been a very good week.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

Dangerously to Drunk: A Timeline of Jay Z and Beyonce in Love

By  July 25, 2014

0_Jay Bey Slideshow

If you let every other (not-so reputable) blog and (salacious) website tell it, Jay Z and Beyoncé aren’t #OnTheRun… they’re #OnTheRocks. You can thank the leak of a private elevator scufflewrongfully released from a former Standard Hotel employee for that. But let’s get real: had said footage never surfaced, all would have seemed right with the pair… and the Internets (intentional -s here).

But this is Glam. And we’re fans of music’s most-powerful pair (as if you didn’t know already). We applaud their new rules, get bodied to Beyoncé, crush over their couture wardrobes, and go bonkers for Blue Ivy. Until we have confirmation from the notoriously-private pair that songs are crying and resentment is raging on, we’re just going to brush our shoulders off. We’re not speculating over any splits—we’re looking back on the Carter’s 12-year love affair, from dangerously, to crazy, to drunk in love.

Star Scoop: Spider-Man Stops Swinging, Obama Heads West, Being Pharrell’s ‘Bae’

By  July 24, 2014

140724_Star Scoop Spidey

Sony Pictures isn’t sticking to the script. The studio is pushing the third installment of its Amazing Spider-Man franchise back to 2018 from its original June 2016 release date. Though The Amazing Spider-Man 2 did well at the box office—it earned $706 million compared to the first’s $758 million—reports say mixed fans and critical reviews are leading Sony to “consider its creative approach.” [Wall Street Journal]

President Barack Obama went west… and brought a bit of scandal with him. The POTUS hosted one of his midsummer fundraising stops at the home of ABC mainstay Shonda RhimesKerry Washington co-hosted the effort, where tickets ran as high as $32,000, with guests like Janelle MonáeScott Foley, and Tony Goldwyn mixed throughout the affair. We take it our ticket got lost in the mail. [The Hollywood Reporter]

We’re not even going to speak on Time posting an article about the origins of the term “bae.” But we will commend Miley Cyrus for keeping her twerking at bay. [YouTube]

When it comes to staying up late, New York always bests Los Angeles. Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that The Late Show will remain in the Big Apple after Stephen Colbert takes over for David Letterman next year. The show has been filmed in Manhattan’s Ed Sullivan Theater for the past 21 years, and its stay will secure 200 jobs that go into producing the show. [Vulture]

We were admittedly disappointed to hear that Ben Affleck would be taking the role of Batman in the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice epic. Where, oh where, is Christian Bale?! Then, we saw Batfleck in the Batsuit; and our sentiments changed. [Variety]