Star Scoop: Go Hunting with Aaron Paul, Julianne Hough’s Big Comeback, First Trailer for AHS Freak Show

By  August 21, 2014

140821_Star Scoop Reason number 1,908 to be in Los Angeles for Emmys weekend: Aaron Paul. In celebration of Breaking Bad’s final run at the annual ceremony, Paul is hosting a citywide scavenger hunt where fans of Walter White and company can find signed paraphernalia scattered throughout Hollywood. We’re in! [Huffington Post]

Break out the dancing shoes. Dancing with the Stars OG Julianne Hough is returning for season 19 of the reality competition, this time behind the judging panel. “We are delighted to welcome Julianne back to the DWTS family,” executive producer Rob Wade told Variety. “Her blend of ballroom dancing experience and unique judging ability make her the ideal choice for the show,” while Hough says she’s “ready to have fun in this new role.” [Variety]

Get your wits about you: American Horror Story: Freak Show premieres on October 8. That means you have a month and some change to mentally prepare for the ominous undertones and mutated hand teased in the first official trailer. Of course, Ryan Murphy offers little about the show’s spooky characters—siamese twins Bette and Dot, the Clown Killer—but that’s all the more to scare you with when a new chapter of AHS spooks begins. [Vulture]

We still don’t know who’ll be joining Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell on The View this fall, but we do know that the panel isn’t the only thing getting made over. ABC unveiled a new logo and color scheme for the daytime talk show, and confirms that a new set is being built to welcome a new season. Couple that with the departures of Jenny McCarthySherri Shepherd, and show runner Bill Geddie, and you’re in for a big reveal. Change is good. [The Wrap]

Film is not Sin City director Robert Rodriguez’s final frontier. Just eight months in, he talks to The Hollywood Reporter about his new television network aimed at Latino men, El Rey, and building programming that reflects America’s growing Hispanic population. “You don’t have to be British to enjoy James Bond,” he says. “The more specific you can make them, the more universal. Spy KidsMacheteDesperado — they are Hispanic films, but they’re for anyone.” [The Hollywood Reporter]

Hayden Panettiere and Her Baby Bump Take on the Ice Bucket Challenge

By  August 21, 2014

Hayden Panettiere is latest celeb to accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and so is her baby bump!

The Nashville star had pal Derek Hough douse her with freezing water Wednesday night in a parking lot to raise money and awareness for Lou Gehrig’s disease. Before the big splashdown, she not only nominated her fiancé Wladimir Klitschko and country star Kacey Musgraves, but her unborn baby as well.

“Couldn’t figure out how to post it on @haydenpanettier twitter,” Hough shared in the clip’s caption. “So I’m posting it for her.” The Dancing With the Stars alum and Nashville guest star joked about the results of the chilling challenge. “Hayden shortly went into labor after this… Just kiddin,” he added.

She’s not the only one to take on the challenge as Zoe Saldana also confirmed her growing baby bump during her own clip, volunteering her husband to do the challenge for her. This is certainly a new way to bond with their ice, ice babies!

Star Scoop: Emma Stone Steams Up Broadway, Cara Delevingne’s Beach Body, Jessie J Shoots Up the VMAs

By  August 20, 2014

140820_Star Scoop

It’s official: Emma Stone will make her Broadway debut by stepping into Michelle Williams’ Cabaret shoes. Her first show will be November 21 and she’ll close early February 2015. [Variety]

Fashion It-girl and browspiration Cara Delevingne is adding another project to her budding acting resume. With Hugh Jackman starrer Pan and Weinstein Company production Tulip Fever under her belt, The Wrap reports she’s been tapped to star in Beach Boys movie musical All Summer Long. [New York Magazine]

Bang, BangJessie JAriana Grande, and Nicki Minaj shot MTV down. The trio are confirmed to perform their collaborative banger for the first time during Sunday’s Video Music Awards. [MTV]

Since we’re talking Minaj, her anticipated video for “Anaconda” is here in full, rump-shaking glory. And it puts “Baby Got Back” to shame. [Vulture]

Benedict Cumberbatch is the latest heavyweight to join The Jungle Book’s silver screen adaptation. Now, before you jump for joy about him teaming with Scarlett Johansson and Lupita Nyong’o, hold your horses. Cumberbatch will voice the villainous Shere Khan with Christian BaleNaomie Harris, and Cate Blanchett in Warner Bros.’s adaptation, not the Disney live-action version that will star Johansson, Nyong’o, Idris ElbaBill Murray, and Christopher Walken. Battle of the blockbusters, eh? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Stone isn’t the only one headed center stage. Orange is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling will spend A Month in the Country with Game of Thrones’ Peter Dinklage in an off-Broadway production. The 19th-Century story follows Dinklage as “Mikhail Rakitin, the friend and unrequited admirer of Schillings’ Natalya, the bored wife of a landowner.” [TIME]

Toby Keith and Jay Z may have had a great fiscal year—netting $65 million and $60 million respectively—but neither could top EDM’s cash king, Calvin Harris. The “Summer” chart topper reigned as the highest-paid DJ of the year, raking in $66 million between June 2013 and 2014. [Huffington Post]

Selfie-Less Seth Meyers: Jokes will Rule the Emmys

By  August 20, 2014

The only thing Seth Meyers is concerned about when hosting this year’s Primetime Emmy Awards is whether the world will be watching.

Seth Meyers, Emmys Host 2014

“I think America probably had to change things around,” he told Variety about the ceremony’s Monday broadcast, compared to its live Sunday show in years past. “They’ve got to remember to watch it.”

It’s likely audiences will. For one, he follows 2013 master of ceremonies Neil Patrick Harris, who brought 17.6 million viewers in when the Emmys aired on CBS—its biggest ratings in eight years. Surely, television buffs want to see if Meyers can measure up, especially now that the show will air on NBC, home of his eponymous Late Night gig.

One famed host he won’t try to top is Ellen DeGeneres. Not only did she bring the 86th annual Academy Awards its top viewership since 2000, she broke Twitter with an epic selfie comprised of A-listers like Angelina JolieBradley Cooper, and Lupita N’yongo.

“We’re really hoping to have really good jokes all the time. With something like this, the level of success is because the jokes are really good,” Meyers said. “We hope that by the time the monologue’s over, which is obviously the most important thing the host does, that people are going to be good and ready for the next few hours of awards.” He did add that a skit involves him downloading an app, but “we’ll see how long that takes.”

Here’s what he had to say about pulling together an Emmys writing team, social media’s impact on the awards show, and how Saturday Night Live helped prepare him for the gig:

On the SNL effect:

“The SNL schedule certainly helps you with this idea that the week leading up to, in this case the Emmys, is when you’re going to get your best work done. We just sat down on Tuesday to do our first joke read and it gave us a sense as far as monologue that we’re a little over halfway there, which is great. We can send people off to write more jokes. But it’s great to be surrounded by people who know how to write jokes under pressure.”

On building an Emmys writing team:

“I brought my writing staff from Late Night, as well as people that I’ve just sort of trusted over the years that I’m confident at some point that I’ll be able to repay the favor. You kind of call all cars in a situation like this and fortunately, over the years, I’ve met a lot of talented cars.”

On incorporating social media:

“I think there will be some kind of digital element but we aren’t really approaching it that way. We’ll see what comes up. The nice thing is when events happen now, Twitter makes it digital without you having to do anything.”

On his Emmys hosting inspiration:

“I’m always so impressed when, like when Fallon did it four years ago or when Conan did it, when you watch people who are just good at this stuff and just build it around their strengths. I think that’s good to remember and to try to do your Emmys as opposed to try to do you someone else’s Emmys.”

Tune in to the Emmys on Monday, August 25 at 8:00 p.m. on NBC.

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett Pictured “Cheek to Cheek” On Album Cover

By  August 20, 2014

CheektoCheekCoverIn an unexpected but artful union, Lady Gaga teamed with the legendary Tony Bennett to produce a new jazz album. Gaga insists that the two have been longtime friends and collaborators, and we have to say that we’d love to be a fly on the wall on one of their creative sessions. The latest on the album, titled Cheek to Cheek, is the cover art, which the entertainer shared on Instagram. The pair is hand-in-hand, looking natural and staring straight at the camera—they truly look like they belong on the cover of a jazz album. Gaga also revealed on Twitter that the photo used was actually a snapshot of the pair when they were just “talking, laughing and singing” together. The album has taken two years for the duo to complete and is due for release on September 23.

Jon Hamm Hops the Pond for Life After ‘Mad Men’

By  August 19, 2014

We’re used to seeing Jon Hamm in a suit and tie as Don Draper on AMC’s Mad Men. Now that production has wrapped on the award-winning series, and it approaches a spring 2015 finale, he’s loosening up a bit. Hamm is growing out his beard and taking on what Variety describes as pet projects, particularly UK series A Young Doctor’s Notebook in which he stars alongside Daniel Radcliffe.

“It’s not a show that appeals to an incredibly wide swath,” he told Variety ahead of the dark comedy’s stateside season premiere tonight. “[But it’s] a dark, funny, beautiful little thing.”

As is Hamm’s take on how we’re watching more and more television off of the TV screen. Check out some of the best moments from his conversation with Variety, and tune in to A Young Doctor’s Notebook season two premiere tonight on Ovation.

On shooting A Young Doctor’s Notebook in London:

I love working in the UK. Since I’ve gone to London the first time when I was 20 years old, I’ve had a sort of love affair with London. It’s a beautiful city and the people are very nice. The countryside is obviously gorgeous… It’s a collection of short stories so by nature, it’s episodic, so that could be interesting. And knowing British television, this could be a fun, little one-off thing that we could do for not a lot of money – mostly on set. You don’t have to go on location, which when you’re doing a period thing makes it very expensive. It could be dark and weird and macabre and funny… and like a little curio, a little interesting thing, so I sparked to it.

On basing the show on short stories from Mikhail Bulgakov:

When you base a television show on a very small book of short stories, you tend to run out of source material very quickly. So obviously the first series we called The Young Doctor’s Notebook. And this series we called The Young Doctor’s Notebook and Other Stories, because we ran out of Young Doctor’s Notebooks. So we had to sort of crib some of his other writing. I don’t think there will be a third series, but the interesting thing about making television in the UK is that they don’t require there to be 100 episodes for it to be made. It can be four or eight or even 12, or just six, and so that’s it. I think this may be the final time we see it, but I would do it again if there was another version of it.

On bringing Radcliffe on board:

As it turns out he’s a massive Mikhail Bulgakov fan and he loves the guy…I’m like, “So I guess we’re doing this.” … He’s such a nice person and a lovely actor to work with and he’s just such a hardworking guy. He was doing a play on the West End when we were doing the second season… “so we were literally just wrapping and we’ve been up since 6 o’clock in the morning and you’re going to go do a play?” He’s a perpetual motion machine.

On television’s changing landscape:

The world may be overtaking the sort of broadcast model at this point. There are so many other ways to consume televised entertainment. It’s Netflix. It’s Amazon. Xbox. All of these people are producing video content – at varying levels of quality, of course, but it is what it is. That’s not even taking into account the FunnyorDies of the world or the YouTubes of the world. I feel like the broadcast thing, while it is still a huge portion of the viewing audience’s main way to receive content, the portion has been shrinking by degrees year by year. I’m not a media studies major and I’m not a network executive. I just know that as a consumer I’m seeing that shift. And honestly, we were at the thin end of the wedge, the spear, so to speak, but AMC was one of the first non-HBO entities to have kind of a big splash in the culture and in the conversation. Now there are 15 more AMCs.

Star Scoop: Will Rihanna Pay to Play?, Lenny Kravitz Joins iTunes Lineup, Meet... Ant Man!

By  August 19, 2014

140819_Star Scoop

The NFL is reportedly courting Katy PerryRihanna, or Coldplay to headline the 2015 Super Bowl’s half-time show. There’s just one catch: whoever signs on for the gig will have to turn over some dough. Though the league banks $9 billion a year, it is looking to tap into the pockets of half-time performers whose own income hikes after game time shows. They knew not to ask Queen Bey. [Vulture]

Speaking of center stage, Lenny Kravitz is going to get away (fly away)as the latest headliner to join London’s iTunes Festival lineup. The September jamboree will also feature PharrellKylie MinogueDavid Guetta, Maroon 5, and singer-of-the-moment Sam Smith. [The Hollywood Reporter] 

Paul Rudd as Ant-Man doesn’t sound like an action hero epic, but the Marvel character was big enough to land a feature-length film. Here’s a first look at Rudd, in character—or not—below San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. [TIME]

Ever since first images of Exodus: Gods and Kings were released, the Internet has been in a frenzy over the “whitewashing” of lead characters, who historically have been recognized as people of color. While stars like Christian BaleSigourney Weaver, and Joel Edgerton were cast to play Moses, Ramses, and Tuya, actors of color have been relegated to roles of servitude. In his own words, Edgerton says he’s not to blame. “I do understand and empathize with that position (but)… it’s not my job to make those decisions… I got asked to do a job, and it would have been very hard to say no to that job.” [Indiewire]

Sad news from the Saturday Night Live family: long-time radio, television and SNL announcer Don Pardo has died at the age of 96. He voiced 38 out of 39 seasons of the show, announced The Price is Right, lent his voice to the original Jeopardy, was the first reporter to tell NBC viewers about President Kennedy’s assassination, and was a war reporter during World War II. [Variety]

Don’t Call It a Comeback: Ciara Talks New Music, Health, and Style After Baby

By  August 19, 2014

140819_Ciara DegreeThe first time we spoke with Ciara was right after she announced her pregnancy to the world. It was a January evening at Manhattan’s Jungle City Studios, where, despite her childbearing state, she was preparing to grace the Grammys after-party stage.

When we met last week, the “Body Party,” star was surrounded by similarly buzz worthy news. Reports began to surface about her rumored break up with fiancé Future, just as her August/September cover for Brides magazine hit newsstands.

Still, one not to be frayed by tabloid fodder, Cici was the consummate professional. In both instances, big announcement and bigger gossip aside, she insisted that balance between newfound motherhood and her work would remain priority. That sentiment echoes her work with Degree Women’s IMPROVERS campaign, empowering women to “DO:MORE of what they love, work harder and push boundaries to achieve their goals on and off the stage.”

Glam caught up with Ciara about this mantra and how it’s inspired her bounce back after baby.

Glam: Now that you’re a mother, has Degree’s DO:MORE initiative taken on a new meaning?

Ciara: Absolutely! I’m always connected to the concept of doing more because I’ve always been ambitious, I always have goals that I want to accomplish. But, adding a mom factor definitely changes that up because now, I’m adding another important load to my plate. I have to balance out everything, and now I have to do more—even more—to balance it all. It totally resonates… it’s just a pump up from what it was before.

Glam: I like how you say “another important load” as opposed to “important load.” It emphasizes that you’re still a working woman—you’re a working mom.

C: That’s important to me. I love what I do and I want to be the best at what I do, so that’s why I want to do more. That’s why I want to work hard. I also want to be a good representation for my son. I hope that when he looks at his mom, he says “I have a strong mom. I have a hard-working mom.”

Glam: And she kept going.

C: That’s right. Keep it moving!

Glam: Now, aside from your music and your style, you’re known for having a great body. Has it been difficult post-baby to get back in performance shape?

C: It’s definitely a challenge. It’s one thing when you’re working and simply trying to lose weight; but your body goes through a whole transformation during pregnancy. Your flab is different than the flab before pregnancy—I’m just going to be honest. So, it’s definitely more of a challenge, but it’s a great challenge. Even with getting myself back to 100 percent, it’s going to empower me even more. I think I’m going to feel even more confident, more bold.

Glam: And I like the idea that you’re taking your time and doing it right. We don’t see that a lot with celebrity mothers, who seem to drop the weight weeks after giving brith! How do you feel about translating that message to women who look to you for inspiration?

C: The thing is, you’re human. I’m human. I am very ambitious, and I do like to go hard, so I like to push myself to go as fast as I can sometimes. But I realized, your body is going to move how it’s going to move. You can’t overthink things. I think that’s the problem. Sometimes, I hear moms say “Oh my gosh. I can’t wait to get my body back,” or “I feel like I’m so blah. I don’t feel like myself.” Look—you just had a baby. Give yourself some slack. Even when I was pregnant, I was like, “I’m not going to stress about this. This is beautiful.” It’s a beautiful process and I think you have to embrace it. When you embrace the concept of what it is, that helps you stay focused on what you should focus on and lets yourself move at the pace you should naturally move at.

Glam: And part of you getting back to business included a shoot with MTV’s House of StyleHow was that?

C: It was really fun. It’s so cool to be able to recap my style evolution, and to see some of the cool looks that we’ve done on stage—my favorite place to be is on stage. And it was really fun because I also had some of my team players there, who’ve helped me put everything together, that helped me bring my vision to life. It was really fun, and funny, walking through some of the looks, and reflecting on the process of making the looks happen.

Glam: Which look was your favorite?

C: It’s always my performance from the BET Awards, when I wore the money look. The look is actually from TopShop. My stylist at that time, Marni Senofonte… she showed me the outfit and we did the “I’m Out” video with me and Nicki [Minaj] in it… [the look] was just so fly, and the story behind how it all happened was amazing. And you’ll see on House of Style—the drama of the jacket, everything.


Glam: Iggy Azalea is now hosting that show, and you both have ties to Atlanta. Could there be a collaboration brewing?

C: You never know! I’m very happy for the success that she’s having.

Glam: You are recording your new album now. How is that going? Will you be opening up more about motherhood?

C: I’m working with Dr. Luke right now, and it’s really special. To me, music is art, but music is the truest way of expressing [myself]. So, I think it’s only right that I be influenced by the great things that are happening in my life. The energy of being a new mom definitely brings something different.

Glam: Do you go into the studio saying “I’ve recorded a song like this before, I want to do something totally different,” or is it a more organic, free-flowing atmosphere?

C: It’s definitely an organic process, but it’s inevitable to recap on some of the things that I’ve done before, because I do want to make sure that it’s something different. But I always want to keep it the essence of who I am in the process.

Glam: So… can we look forward to another “Body Party?”

C: It definitely can be a “Body Party” part two! That song was amazing, such an amazing moment. That song was very special, so I think it’d be right to try to top that into something even doper.

Claire Danes is Back in Character for Homeland Season Four

By  August 19, 2014

Claire Danes, Homeland Season 4Checking off names from a kill list doesn’t bother Carrie. It’s a job. One that took her out of maternity leave, away from her newborn, and back into the crossfire as the CIA’s top field operative.

Showtime has dropped the first trailer for season four of Homeland, which finds Claire Danes’ character back to business and on assignment in the Middle East.

“That’s what Carrie was trained to do,” show runner Alex Gansa told Indiewire after the season three finale. “She was trained to be a case officer. She was trained to go to a foreign city. She was trained to recruit assets there. All of us feel it was a bit of a miracle we were able to fashion three seasons of this character living in Washington D.C. and doing something there that was legitimate. Now we get to see her do what she was trained to do.”

The ominous, minute-long clip begins with an eerie narration, “It hasn’t been a 14 year war we’ve been waging, but a one-year war. Waged 14 times.” The sentiments echo Carrie’s own inner demons: managing her bipolar disorder, sacrificing self for national security (time and time again), and recovering from the death of Brody (Damian Lewis) at the end of season three.

“I was there for the filming of it, but I don’t think it’s really going to occur to me until we start filming again and Damian won’t be making fun of me in the makeup trailer,” Danes said. “I mean, I’m going to have to confront the reality of his really being gone, and I think that will probably be true for Carrie. I don’t think she’s fully processed that…  I’m just devastated I don’t get to play with Damian anymore. He was my partner, and just so brilliant at what he did. I leaned on him heavily. So I will miss him enormously.”

Catch the season four trailer of Homeland below to see how Carrie copes, and tune in to the season premiere on October 5.

Star Scoop: Taylor Swift Shakes it Off, Lady Gaga Cools Off, Red Band Society Coming Early?

By  August 18, 2014

140818_Star Scoop

Taylor Swift held a YouTube live stream, announced the title and release date of a new album (1989), went pop, and dropped a music video all on the same day. As for anyone who has a problem with it—more specifically, Kanye West—she’s going to “Shake it Off.” [YouTube]

The award for most dramatic #IceBucketChallenge participant goes to none other than Lady Gaga. Mother Monster, who landed in Perth over the weekend, silently participated in the Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) awareness campaign, and challenged Adele, record executive Vincent Herbert, and Live Nation heads Arthur Fogel and Michael Rapino to take it on. To date, the viral campaign has raised more than $15 million for the ALS Association. [Instagram]

That isn’t the only philanthropic cause making waves in Hollywood. Fox launched a Red Band Society-inspired program that, if goals are met, could make the pilot available for screening before its September debut. For every social share of content here, the network with donate $1 to charity. If $100,000 is reached before Friday, the series premiere of the Octavia Spencer-starrer will run for 100 hours on Fox websites and apps. [Variety]

Now that Olympus has risen again, Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman are out to save Londontown. The trio are reprising their roles from Olympus has Fallen for London Has Fallen, in which “all hell breaks loose” during the funeral of a British prime minister. Fredrik Bond is now attached to direct. [The Hollywood Reporter]