A collective shriek was heard ’round the world this evening as Justin Timberlake stayed true to his word and reunited NSync during his epic multi-song, special performance during the MTV Video Music Awards
No Lana, say it ain’t so. After tweeting last week that the short film Tropico was her farewell project, I couldn’t help but be puzzled as to what exactly she was saying goodbye to.[...]  
G-Shock took over the Big Apple’s Lower East Side for its 30th Anniversary Wednesday night, and truthfully, we’re still in recovery mode.
Pop rocker Avril Lavigne released a rather risqué music video for her new single “Rock N Roll”. Avril isn’t shying away from any risks in this video. So much never growing up. [...]
Earlier this morning, the music world entered a Lady Gaga-induced “POP MUSIC EMERGENCY,” emphasis on all caps.
Mumford and Sons has been having a good year without a doubt. The band which seems to produced endless hits, has just released a hysterical music video for their song ‘Hopeless Wanderer.’[...]
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