Quick! If you could swap closets with stylishstranger, would you? Charlize Theron is sure hoping you will![...]
I think I get some sort of strange exhilaration from watching television couples. I feel like they somehow make up for the lack of drama in my own life (not that that is a bad thing.) I become seriously invested in the character’s
Alfonso Cuarón‘s upcoming outer space spectacle, Gravity, will be bowing on a grand stage this summer.[...]
One thing you should know about me is I like my fair share of television and with having a PVR that can record everything, my list of TV shows to watch keeps getting longer and longer. With my love for TV, you can imagine how sad I am
Netflix has been a game changer for movies since it hit the scene and broke ground when it debuted its own native TV shows.[...]
What better way to further the legacy of innovator and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs than to release the trailer for his biopic, in a way that has never been done before?[...]
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