Ex-boyfriends, Ex-jewelry

By  June 11, 2009

tiff-breakupAfter we watched Tai burn old souvenirs from her ex-flame with Cher on Clueless, it became  acceptable for women around the world to set their saved items from ex-boyfriends on fire.  We burn old notes, old pictures, old CD mixes, but often times we tend to keep that jewelry.  It’s impossible to watch a silver chain that had once come inside a pretty blue box turn into nothing.  But we can’t wear it either- it holds way too much sentimental value.  So what’s a girl to do with all the  shiny gems we can’t show off?

Well, our cab ride this morning provided us with an answer.  We usually ignore the nonsense from those Taxi TVs, but an ad for this new website kept us rather intrigued.  With a couple of clicks on the keyboard, your ex-boyfriend can be out of your life.  All you have to do is request a Break-up box, which will be sent to your house for free, and will include postage to send back for free.  Fill it with all the jewelry you can’t bare to keep housed up in the dark anymore, and send it back to them.  When experienced evaluators on the other end receive your package, they will evaluate each item’s worth and a check will be sent back to you!  We’re quite satisfied with this solution. ~Arielle Sobov

Visit OutOfYourLife.com to get rid of your not so  precious anymore gems!