Exclusive Q&A: Amber Valletta

By  February 22, 2007

Before the Marc Jacobs show began, I had a chance to chat with Amber Valletta, supermodel turned actress. Here’s what she had to say:

Amber Valletta What’s your favorite fragrance?
I like Amber. and I like Jo Malone Amber & Lavender. They’re both just clean and simple.

What’s your must-have mascara?
YSL. Yves Saint Laurent.

Any favorite foundations?
My favorite foundation is from the Japanese brand Shiseido. Over the counter, I like Delux Beauty and Maybelline.

Why do you love Marc Jacobs?
I wanted to see Marc’s clothes. I love Marc’s clothes. I like him. I haven’t seen any shows in New York, so I just wanted to get out—do something fun!

Anymore runway walking for you?
I doubt it.

How do Marc’s clothes make you feel?
Sexy, fun!

You look amazing. What’s your workout regimen?
I work out three days a week usually. I lift and I do the stairs in Santa Monica. We do this crazy workout—pull-ups and all this other stuff.

Do you have a trainer?
I used to work out with Gunner Peterson, but recently I’ve been working out with a friend named Owen.

Any projects coming up we should know about?
Two movies coming out in March. One with Sandra Bullock called Premonition, and the other one’s called Dead Silence.

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