Exclusive Q&A: Kim Kardashian

By  September 11, 2007

By now I’m sure you know that Kim Kardashian took to the runway at the Heatherette show earlier this evening. While she was getting her makeup done, I had a chance to chat with the socialite about her fashion and beauty vices, and how she really feels about the public’s scrutiny of her.

GlamBlush: Who are you favorite designers to wear?
Kim Kardashian: Dolce & Gabanna & Roberto Cavalli.

GlamBlush: Who’s your favorite shoe designer?
Kim Kardashian: Christian Louboutin and Jimmy Choo. Those are my two favorite. I am a designer shoe girl. It sounds like I’m such a brat, but it’s what I love to wear.

GlamBlush: What are you favorite makeup brands?
Kim Kardashian: MAC. I really wear MAC all day long. As for another lip gloss, it would be Nars in Turkish Delight. I love it.
GlamBlush: Where’s your favorite place to vacation?
Kim Kardashian: If I’m madly in love, Bora Bora. If it’s just me and my girls, anywhere! Hawaii is so much fun, and I really love St. Tropez.

GlamBlush: What’s next for your career? Acting or music perhaps?
Kim Kardashian: Yes! I’m performing with the Pussycat Dolls this month in Vegas, I’m singing and dancing. I just did my first movie, Deep in the Valley, with Denise Richards, Steve Zahn and Tracy Morgan. Just a little cameo, nothing too big… I’m taking acting lessons, and I’m filming my reality show which will be on E!, it’s called Keeping Up With the Kardashians and it’s produced by Ryan Seacrest.

GlamBlush: Do you have any pets?
Kim Kardashian: No. My little sisters do. I travel so much, I don’t really think it would be fair to have pets. I like them, but I’m not the biggest animal person.

GlamBlush: So are you still a stylist?
Kim Kardashian: I do style here and there – definitely all the shoots my sisters and I are in. I really haven’t had time to style any other shoots lately. I’ve been doing a lot of personal shopping through my store Dash in Calabasas, CA. We’re actually launching the website in October!
GlamBlush: What do you want for Christmas?
Kim Kardashian: A white convertible Bentley. I’ve been saying that for the past three years and it hasn’t come. I think I might buy myself one for my birthday this year.

GlamBlush: When is your birthday?
Kim Kardashian: October 21st. I’m a Libra. I have a good vibe in October.

GlamBlush: How did you like being on the cover of King magazine? You made history!
Kim Kardashian: I really liked it! I was kind of hesistant about doing anymore men’s magazines, but you know what I thought, why not embrace it? I’m only young once – I do try to work out hard and I was very honored that they asked me to do it. I broke the color barrier and it’s something new for them, and I’m honored they chose me to make that stand. Everyone was great that I worked with. They were open to hear my side of the story. I just felt like I’d had enough of people labeling me and misjudging me when no one had met me. They go off with these stupid blogs and the things these people write… it’s funny, I get the humor in it all but I’m so not what people think… I have to stand up for myself. So I did, and I feel like I accomplished what I set out to do. I’m really happy with that.

GlamBlush: Is there a blog that you actually like?
Kim Kardashian: I think they’re really funny. I think Perez Hilton is hysterical. I actually love Bossip.com. At first they were making fun and jokes and whatever… I mean I get it, I get that it’s just fun and games and not to be taken too seriously. I love Hollyscoop. It’s three Armenian girls, and I’m Armenian. They’re so sweet. Those are the three that I love, and look at all the time.

GlamBlush: What’s on your iPod?
Kim Kardashian: Hmm… I just got the new Kanye West album, The Graduation. I love that.

GlamBlush: Do you think Kanye West got robbed again at the VMAs?
Kim Kardashian: Of course. I was there – I went down to the suite he was performing in to film (the reality show) and he was amazing. His fiancée made my dress that I wore that night. He’s so talented; he should be recognized a little bit more. And he will be through this album. I’m an R&B chick, so I have all of this old-school from like Tamia to Shanice. And I love pop, still Britney Spears and all of that.

GlamBlush: How do you feel about Britney’s VMA performance?
Kim Kardashian: I thought she looked great, but I haven’t watched it all yet. From what I heard it was a little bit in slow motion. I’m just anxious to go and see it. I want to try to catch it online and see it for myself. See what everyone is talking about. I was rushing – I couldn’t even Tivo it. I’m sure I can find it on Youtube.

GlamBlush: Lastly, what’s your all-time favorite movie?
Kim Kardashian: The Notebook. It’s so cute and I just cry every time I see it. It reminds me of my grandparents; they’re exactly like that. And I just hope I have love like that one day. Everlasting love.


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