Fall Family Fun

By  October 01, 2009

The weather outside is … delightful. Who doesn’t love Fall‘s crisp, clear, and cool conditions? The air is sweet and the colors are stunning. It’s the perfect time to go outside and embrace nature. Get your kids excited about the festive season by engaging them in active and exciting autumn-inspired adventures. Here are a few fun and fabulous activities the whole family will fall for.


Hit the Pumpkin Patch! … Make a trip to a local pumpkin patch an annual tradition the kids can look forward to. They’ll love scrutinizing the big, orange plants and picking out their favorites. Let your children take the time to size ‘em up, compare, and contrast. Have them help you select pumpkins that represent each member of the family. Once you make it home with your load, be prepared to get your hands dirty. Carve, shape, and decorate your pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns. If carving is too much work, get some markers and draw on faces, hair, and funny features.


Make Fresh Apple Cider, Crisp, or Sauce! … If pumpkin-picking is a success, how about considering a trip to your nearest apple farm? Once you and your kids have eaten a plethora of Golden Delicious and Granny Smiths, get out the recipe book and get things cooking in the kitchen. Try making fresh applesauce, apple crisp, apple cider, or apple pie. And don’t forget to let the kids help you along the way. They’ll love being by your side and everyone will adore the heart-warming, soul-soothing taste of something sweet.


Go for Scenic Nature Walks! …  Sounds a bit boring for the kids, no? Well, that’s why they’ll need to carry big empty bags during the hike. Have them collect leaves, acorns, and sticks throughout their nature adventure. They’ll love scouring the earth for cool and colorful finds. They’ll have so much fun playing “autumn artifact collectors” and you can and leisurely soak up the scenic sights. When their bags are filled to the brim, you know it’s time to head home.


Create Something Special! … Remember that bag stuffed with leaves and acorns? Well, those will come in handy for some Fall fun with arts and crafts. Press leaves, make collages, or any type of original art with your unique loot of tools and embellishments.


Go for a Bike Ride! … It’s not yet time to put away those bikes. Fall is a beautiful time for a ride. Get the family, the bicycles, and the helmets, and head to a bike path. Renting a tandem bike is another family-friendly option.


Picnic at the Park! … Dress yourself and the kids in layers and head to a park for a picture-perfect Fall picnic. Pack books, board games, fresh seasonal foods, and an extra blanket or two in case anyone gets cold. Everyone will love spending a leisurely day in the crisp outdoors with good food and great company.

Photos Courtesy of iStock