Fancy Macarons Vs. Fast-Food Macaroons

By  March 09, 2010


I just read an article on about the ever-increasing popularity of macarons… Apparently, McDonald’s Mcafés in France have hopped on the colorful-cookie bandwagon, and are now offering this delicate dessert for a whole lot less than all those fancy-schmancy Parisian patisseries. And some dessert elitists are not happy about the “macaron going mainstream.”

Personally, I’ve never really loved macarons. (I also usually spell them “macaroons,” but in light of the recent cookie controversy I’m trying to act all highbrow about my pastries.) That said, I’d go for a plain ole chocolate-chip treat before I’d reach for one of these bright little guys. Regardless, I do think that this McCafé ad running in France is super-cute and funny. Check out the WSJ article HERE. Do you like these cake-like sandwich cookies? Would you eat Mc’s macs or are you a sweets snob?