Farewell Field?

By  June 25, 2009


Half the reason we love watching Sex and the City is for the ingenious fashion.  We cry and drool over all the beautiful Jimmy Choos and mix and matched outfits that Carrie puts together.  While we would love to think it possible for a writer to be able to afford those hefty labels, we know the brain behind her beauty is eccentric designer Patricia Field.  We are all just squealing in excitement in anticipation of the movie sequel to see what amazing outfits Field will be dressing Carrie in, but we just might be let down.  While Sarah Jessica Parker would like to tone down Carrie’s outfits due to the recession, Field does not agree.  Because of their disagreement, Field might leave the set.  Must the recession ruin everything?!  Although we appreciate SJP’s concerns, we always knew Carrie’s closet was a dreamland of sorts, so let us keep dreaming!~ Arielle Sobov