I’ve been putting in my fair share of style hunting/inspiration hoarding on Pinterest this week — partially due to Fashion Week sneaking around the corner (as if I needed an excuse).[...]
Cutout silhouettes and stilettos seemed to be the featured fashion on the spring/summer 2013 runway last fall, and at last it’s officially the designated season to bring the trend to life.
Crank up the Nirvana because grunge is back for this fall. As a 90′s child, I have no complaints about being able to wear the styles I grew up with.[...]
With our middle school days far behind us, we’re still haunted by school photos featuring braces, heinous turtlenecks, and the occasional pigtail.[...]
Get ready to channel your inner Sid and Nancy because punk rock influeneces are everywhere this season.[...]
Are you ready for Fall fashion? The first trend I’m spotting this season is camouflage.[...]
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