Fragrance Friday: Petra Nemcova Makes Children ‘Happy’ with Clinique

By  November 30, 2012

To say that Petra Nemcova’s heart is big would be a massive understatement. The Czech model that survived a massive tsunami used the life-changing event to help turn children’s lives around with the Happy Hearts Fund. Clinique, who has been in the business of making people Happy since its iconic fragrance came out in 1997, is partnering with the beauty and her organization for a scent that does more than make you smell amazing! Every bottle of Happy Heart sold will have $10 benefit the organization with the sale of a limited edition T-shirt will donate $5 as well. Glam got to sit down with Nemcova to chat about the partnership, her holiday plans, and even what she keeps in her makeup bag!

Q: What sparked the partnership between Happy Hearts and Clinique?
A: The brand came to us after years of looking for organization that that worked to help others. It fit though with Happy Hearts and their fragrance, Happy. I’m so excited to be working with them on such a great project.
Q: We love the adorable hearts on logo. Where did they come from?
A: They were so cute! We reached out to children who were part of Happy Hearts, and some of the children in our lives to draw a few hearts. We found out later that girls tend to draw better hearts than boys.
Q: Since it’s the season of giving, what is on your holiday shopping list?
A: I think everyone I know will be getting the perfume. Everyone loves the scent!
Q: Since the holidays are right around the corner, do you already have plans?
A: I already booked my ticket to go back home to the Czech Republic. The holidays there are so different from America.
Q: What are some of your traditions?
A: We have this thing in my family that when we sit down to dinner is we keep a honey pot in the middle of the table and we each dip a finger in and dot it on each other’s cheeks. It turns into what I call a honey war. I always say, “The only kind of war there should be is a honey war.” It’s a natural beauty remedy, too.
Q: Speaking of beauty, what are your top three must-have beauty products that you always have on hand?
A: Hold on, I’ll show you. I love this Clinique [All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage]. It feels really good after a long flight. Then there’s the Chubby Stick. I love the new Intense ones! And I always have mascara.
A: The Clinique Happy Heart fragrance and T-shirt will be available December 1 at Clinique counters nationwide and for $37 and $16 respectively.