Genie in a Bottle

By  June 25, 2009

nuface Ever get spa treatments done on your face and come home thinking it would be wonderful if you could look like that everyday?  NuFace has made it possible to take spa treatments home with you so you can lift and tone your face everyday.  Bye-bye Botox!  Forget face lifts!  It’s all about NuFace for facial appearance improvement.  Approved by the FDA, this handheld spa device uses micro currents to lift and tone skin with immediate results to follow.  Earlier this week, Tina Hedges showed us how to use the device and we witnessed immediate results right before our eyes.  All you do is wash your face free of toxins, apply Derma-Gel on your entire face, and move the Microcurrent Device upwards in different sections.  You can treat your entire face in less than ten minutes!  After, remove the gel using a warm washcloth, spritz on some Optimizing Mist, and add on your favorite moisturizers, eye creams, etc. before applying makeup.  Beginners should use it everyday for the first three months, and use it several times a week after that.  This completely authentic device will be all you need for ageless, smooth and toned skin!  You can even use this on your thighs, stomach, etc.  Perfect for an older woman looking for rejuvenation as well as for a younger woman seeking prevention. This kit, which includes the Microcurrent Device, Derma-Gel, and Optimizing mist, is available for $325 at

xx, Arielle Sobov