Get Hollywood Hairstyles for Your Hunny at Home

By  August 04, 2009

Whenever we see our favorite male celebs on TV or in the news we can’t help but drool and marvel over how handsome they are. But since we can’t reach out and steal them from the screen (how much better would life be that way?!) we can at least transform our own personal hunnys’ hairstyles to look like our favorite Hollywood heartthrobs. Asili Chi Salon and Spa in Chicago has offered some tips on how to style his own hair like celebs ranging from Justin Timberlake to Zac Efron.


If you want your guy to have hair like Justin Timberlake or Shia LaBeouf, Asili Chi says to cut the hair clean and short. Sculpt and style using grooming clay if you want a matte look for your man, or use pomade if you prefer a wetter look.

For a Bradley Cooper or Joe Jonas kind of look, your guy should grow his hair long for a shaggy effect. Add some grooming cream to help keep hair defined and texturized and voila—celeb hair in the flesh!


Chase Crawford and Zac Efron are sporting the latest male hair trend down the red carpet. For this edgy look, cut long bangs in the front, and keep it short in the back. Your boy toy will be confused for a Gossip Girl star everywhere he goes!

xx, Arielle Sobov