Getting Down to the Denim Basics With DSTLD

By  March 26, 2014

dstld denim.jpg

DSTLD [dis-til’d] jeans go on smooth, stay in place all day, and speak to a style of denim that it’s about time all retailers get on board with: high quality design, affordable pricing (these skinnies start at $65!), and a consumer experience that’s contemporary, fun, and stress-free.

Created by CEOs and Creative Directors, Corey Epstein and Mark Lynn, and further perfected with the help of lead designer Anh Vu, the latest must-have brand in the designer denim-sphere has sought to remove traditional retail impurities, like the middleman and the markup, and allow men and women to try on their premium pair of jeans through a complimentary, at-home try on system. The DSTLD team explains, “Gone are the days of shimmying, squatting, and staring at your own – excuse our French – ass in the mirror while in the company of perfect strangers. Clients can pick up to three pairs of jeans and have 10 days to ask everyone they know the single most important question: How does my butt look (#HDMBL)? Hold on to what works, and ship back what doesn’t with the prepaid shipping label. You only pay for what you keep.”

A romp in the jeans (choose high or low rise depending on your style) and it quickly becomes apparent that the idea of superiority and comfort in denim truly rules the DNA of DSTLD.  Hear what Epstein, Lynn, and Vu had to say themselves about their exciting new line, launching officially April 5 but available on an invite-only basis beginning April 1 at for eager fashionistas.

Q: What’s the key component in the denim makeup that makes DSTLD jeans so well fitting?
A: Anh Vu: It’s a duo component with fabric innovation and unconventional tailoring techniques.  We employ a dual piece waist band to truly fit your hips/waist and we’ve even invented our own unique fit model that no one else uses, a multi point body mapping system that doesn’t treat a woman like she’s sized like a measuring cup but is cut to subtlety embrace, support, and shape her body for a superior fit. Another component is the ring spun dual flex yarn that achieves amazing stretch but most importantly, recovery.
Q: What does the DSTLD designer collaboration process look like from choosing materials, creating the jean shape, and then making the actual item of clothing?
A: Anh Vu: I’m obsessed with technology and how fibers and fabrics have advanced to give us the best stretch and recovery.  With each fabric, you have to understand how it will tailor to a woman’s curves.  Denim designers who understand denim washes are like fashion engineers.  It’s not just cutting a fabric to the curves but how to make it even better like holding in areas that you want to hold in and pushing parts up to give a curvy booty.  Unlike other companies, we fit on several body shapes and not just one fit model.
Q: What sparked the idea of an at home try-on service?
A: Mark Lynn: We believe that anyone looking for premium, modern denim that tries on a pair of DSTLD jeans will immediately decide that DSTLD is her new favorite denim.  But we know that a lot of women don’t have the time or patience to try on new jeans.  So we wanted to create the simplest, most enjoyable way to make it as easy as possible for customers to achieve the euphoria of finding the perfect fitting jeans.  And we’re giving them the freedom to do it in the privacy of their own, well lit, homes — or to spend 10 days showing every single person they know.
Q: Is DSTLD looking to expand into other denim styles and washes soon? If so, any trends in particular?
A: Corey Epstein: Yes!  We know that once someone discovers DSTLD, she’s going to want more pairs in different styles and washes!  All of our denim will include the highest quality craftsmanship, fabric and washes.  So we won’t release new styles until they meet our exacting standards.  All of our styles will reflect our modern, downtown ethos even as we adapt with and lead particular trends. Soon, we will have a cigarette fit, a jegging, and a distressed style. Plus more to come!
Q: What details should one look for when purchasing a pair of jeans in terms of fit and make?
A: Corey Epstein: DSTLD puts so much investment in the fit and make.  You can see and feel this by the quality of the fabric and how it includes stretch for fit…no sag…and comfort, the richness of the dyes and washes, the premium hardware and intricate stitching, especially on the cuffs.  With DSTLD’s clean, modern styles part of the fit and make is in what you don’t notice — the fit achieves a second skin feeling and the make  ensures we don’t need to cover anything up with unnecessary, cheapening, elements.
Q: How do you keep cost low and quality so high?
A: Mark Lynn: DSTLD is committed to crafting thoroughly premium denim.  We do this by investing our time and money wisely on the important details like chainstitching, bartacking, busted side seams, YKK zippers, and custom washed hardware. What we don’t waste our dollars on are storefronts, sales reps, trade-shows and other expensive flourishes used by traditional premium denim brands. You might say we are removing retail impurities and leaving behind the essential elements of denim: quality material, expert tailoring, and you.