Glam Exclusive: Erin Heatherton Shares Her Holiday Gift Guide

By  November 26, 2012

Erin Heatherton expanded her campaign portfolio this season when she was named the newest face of XOXO. Glam received exclusive access to the Victoria’s Secret angel backstage at her shoot for the upcoming spring ads to find out her seasonal wardrobe essentials, her beauty must-haves, and what she’s got on her holiday shopping list.

Q: What’s the mood for XOXO’s Spring 2013 collection?
A: I feel like the mood of spring this year is really fresh. There are a lot of fresh, earthy colors, nudes, and blues, and greens and mixed up with kind of strong or sexy, feminine lace and leather. I love that kind of juxtaposition between really fresh and light, and then something really structured and sexy or something a little bit stronger – flirty and edgy at the same time. That’s what I’m kind of feeling for spring/summer. A lot of skin. And a lot of nudes.
Q: What’s your favorite item from the collection?
A: I love their blazers. I think blazers are great; [they’re] so versatile. You wear them to work; you can wear them out at night, and they’re just great staple pieces to have. I think they do a great job with their jackets.
Q: What are five things you are loving right now?
A: Five things I’m loving right now are fashion items: My boots, leather jackets, mini dresses, basic t-shirts, and good ankle booties. I like to have a little heel in my shoe all the time.
Q: What are the top three beauty essentials you always keep on hand?
A: Lip balm [is] my number one essential. I think a roller perfume is a great thing to have. And, I would say, cheek stain. It’s a great way to freshen up, and you can put it on your lips. I love the Tarte [cheek stain].
Q: Have you started planning for the holidays?
A: I just booked my flight home to see my family for Thanksgiving, so that’s exciting. I celebrate Hanukkah, so Christmas is usually a toss up. I get to spend Christmas with my friends most of the time. I like the atmosphere of the holidays, so I get to piggyback on both holidays. I see my family for some of it and I get to listen to Christmas Carols with other people.
Q: Have you started writing your wish list?
A: No, not at all. I’m always making lists of what to give. I don’t really expect gifts because I celebrate Hanukkah, so it’s not that big of a deal, I guess. It’s not really, there’s not a lot of pressure for me to put on my family [that] “I want this, I want that.” But, I definitely, I’m starting to look at things, like “I should definitely put that in a gift bag for people.” I love to make bags and give people things that I love to use all year, like a lip balm or special facemask that I wear every night. I love to put the things that I use most in a bag and I find that it’s like the gift that keeps on giving all year.
Q: Have you already chosen brands to put in the gift bags yet?
A: I have a few things that I would re-give from last year. There’s a Victoria’s Secret lip balm combination that’s amazing. I love Fresh products, the lip balm, and the Tarte cheek stain. My mask from Ling Skin Care is amazing. Even slippers, too; I saw some really cozy slippers, and I’m like, ‘Everyone would want these!’ They’re so cute and so comfortable. They’re like bootie, fur-lined slippers. I need to get these from somebody.

Keep your eyes open as the ads hit newsstands Spring 2013.