Glamour’s Advice to ‘Ethnic’ Hairstyles? Scrap It.

By  August 30, 2007

Not sure if you GLAMonistas have heard, but there’s been a whole lotta hoopla around the web concerning a certain Glamour magazine staffer who made a few negative comments towards radical hairstyles in the office, i.e. dreadlocks, afros, etc. Hmmmm. I wonder what ethnic group she was speaking of. You decide.

Here are her alleged comments:

Of course Glamour decided to do a bit of damage control, as they should have! Seriously, Queen Latifah‘s on the cover (wearing a wig, nonetheless).

Here’s my two cents:

As a woman of color who proudly sports a coiled variation of ‘radical’ do, keep your comments to yourself. While I can appreciate you offering that bit of so-called ‘advice,’…

I think I’m a little too fired up to make a ‘professional judgment’ on this issue. My fellow bloggers have come to bat on this issue. Read up!

Oh, before you do – here’s my professional advice:

Gold-Plated Witch on Wheels


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