Glove Love

By  October 19, 2009

It may only be fall, but the weather outside is already frightful (or at least it has been in New York). We prefer to be prepared for the worst, so we’re already trying to remember where we stashed our gloves—and hoping that they’re still in pairs. On the off chance we’re left with only mismatched singles (or if we feel like buying some more cute hand warmers….), here are some gloves that we love!


1. Mulberry Women’s Fur Lined Glove in Scarlet Lambskin, $195 at

2. MICHAEL Michael Kors Black Leather Studded Zip Gloves, $59 at

3. Vintage Grand Prix Gloves in Ivory, $34.99 at

4. Farhi Navy Long Knitted Gloves, $90.75 at

5. Grey Texting Gloves, $22 at