Going ‘Crazy’

By  August 26, 2009

21xzqld3tjl_sl500_aa194_ If you’re like us, we have a tendency to be a bit paranoid about body odor in the summer heat. Nobody wants to carry around a tube of deodorant, or a bottle of perfume in their bag, so what’s a girl on-the-go to do?

Thankfully Crazylibellule and The Poppies Les Garconnes make a solid perfume sticks called Crazy Sticks. They’re able to be rubbed anywhere on your skin, since they’re free of  parabens and artificial coloring. Available in seven subtle fragrances, the biggest plus is the portability; just throw one in your bag or put it in your pocket and you’re good to go. For the lady on the go, these should be essential.

Oh, and Rose A Saigon is our absolute favorite.

Available for $18 at Amazon.com.

xx, Valis Vicenty