Golden Dainty Details

By  March 07, 2014

Despite our professed love for oversized cocktail rings, layers of necklaces, and collections of bracelets, there are times where we opt for jewelry that’s a little more, shall we say, minimal. While a piece of statement jewelry does just that, sometimes it’s refreshing to throw on a delicate gold chain and a couple of threadbare rings, thus taking a more a laid-back approach to accessorizing. Gold jewelry is a classic, so we’re welcoming some covetable dainty details (each with a fresh spin!) into our jewelry boxes with open arms…necks…wrists…ears…and fingers.


1. Bauble Bar Slim Gold Crystal Bangle, available at for $52
2. Sydney Evan 14K Evil Eye Single Stud Earring with Diamonds and Sapphire, available at for $310
3. Jennifer Meyer Bar Necklace, available at for $1,650
4. Jennifer Zeuner Yellow Gold Chelsea Horitzontal Necklace, available at for $540
5. Catbird Diamond Baguette Ring, available at for $320
6. Fallon Pearl Palm Cuff, available at for $175
7. Jacquie Aiche JA Graduated Bezel Hand Chain, available at for $297
8. Tai Pave Pyramid Pinch Bracelet, available at for $105
9. Eva Fehren Champagne Diamond and Yellow Gold X Ring, available at for $4,345