Got the Winter Woes? … Embrace the Scent of Spring

By  February 10, 2010

It’s frightful and frigid out there! Cold, wet, and snowy. You’re stuck inside with a blizzard warning, and dreaming of hot days and balmy nights. The warm weather can’t come soon enough. And while you might not be able to shed your puffy jacket just yet, you can still think tropical thoughts. Infuse the essence of spring into your home with sensational scents. Harry Slatkin, the creator of Slatkin & Co., offers a few tips on how to add a touch of the sunny season to your home even in the dead of winter.


Take It Slow
Keep the winter fragrances burning, and slowly start to introduce subtle floral scents like Lilac Blossom.  By the time May rolls around, your home will smell as if it is in full bloom!

Make It Fun By Layering
As you transition into spring, remind yourself of a warm trip somewhere tropical and find fragrances that will channel that exotic destination.  For a truly unique scent, consider layering two fragrances.  The trick is to blend notes that complement each other.  Jasmine, vanilla, rose and citrus work well with most scents. Have fun with it, and you’ll end up with something that’s truly special and memorable.


Brighten Up a Little
Brighten your home with a splash of color. Light one of these three wick Tropical Escape candles and enliven all of your senses. Caribbean Escape, Island Margarita, and Island Nectar can transform even the grayest of winter days.