Hair Helpers

By  May 27, 2009

The only reason we love winter over summer is because we can do our hair without worrying we’ll get pushed into the pool by our friends (read: enemies) at night time pool parties.  But, obvi we style anyway… only to have to do it again later-GRR.  Summer time hair calls for light products so we don’t revert back to the ‘80s with frizz from humidity that loves to linger in summer air.  This summer, we’re loving products by Sebastian Professional.


  1. Whipped Crème- We can’t help buying products just because it has a cute name.  Luckily, whipped crème not only sounds cute, but works well, too!  This will help all curly and wavy hair remain conditioned and give hair a light-bounce.  Retailed at $18.95.
  2. Trilliant- Hair has never looked so shiny!  This product will condition hair, provide heat protection, and make hair look super shiny without looking greasy.  Retailed at $19.96.
  3. Liquid Gloss- This will de-frizz and polish hair to look like the humidity hasn’t hit your tresses at all! It removes all static and can be used with any styling device.  Retailed at $16.96.

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xx, Arielle Sobov