By  May 29, 2009

Your dressing table is about to turn into a bar.  Minus loud music and a random sketchy man staring at you from across the room, but plus a plethora of bottles and lots of mixing of liquids.  DESIGNLINE offers great hair products that are meant to be mixed and matched for ultimate results.  Here is a list of our favorite “hair-product-tails” and their ingredients from DESIGNLINE!

INGREDIENTS: Satin Smooth Glossing Cream + Silk Drops
DIRECTIONS: Combine glossing cream with two silk drops for the ultimate shine.  This will protect against split ends and leave hair feeling silky.  Serve with a great head band.

INGREDIENTS: Texture Cream + Interrupt Texturizing Clay
DIRECTIONS: Work a small amount of these two ingredients together and blend.  This will create texture and define separation.  Shake well, and serve.

INGREDIENTS: Root Boost + Silk Drops
DIRECTIONS: Using a couple silk drops mixed with root boost, apply to damp hair.  Blow dry with a round brush and finish with a touch of a curling iron.  Serve on ice for fullness, bounce, and a smooth finish.

Find a local Regis Salon near you for these products and more by DESIGNLINE!

xx, Arielle Sobov