Hallie Bowman on How to Create a Simple S-Wave

By  October 15, 2009

bio-large-hallie1A few weeks ago I spent a little one-on-one time with the ever-adorable Hallie Bowman, Expert Stylist for Pantene. We chatted about everything from the best red carpet hairstyles to fall tress trends, but there was one tip that she showed me that really stood out: she created a sexy s-wave pattern in my hair using only a bobby pin (or a u-pin) and a flat iron.

I was floored. I’d spent years braiding my hair every single night before I went to bed so that I would wake up with soft waves that I could pretend were natural. Now thanks to Hallie, I can hit the hay a little earlier, but get the same look each morning in less than 10 minutes flat.

Here’s Hallie’s 4-step system to s-waves in a snap.