Haute Holiday Advice from Victoria’s Secret Angel Alessandra Ambrosio

By  October 22, 2012

SINCE ALESSANDRA AMBROSIO was chosen to bare the Fantasy Bra at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, she’s kicked the holiday season into high gear. Last week Glam met the alluring angel at a high tea to celebrate the release of this year’s holiday catalogue. We chatted with the supermodel extraordinaire about the $2.5 million bra she’ll strut in, a few of her health and beauty secrets, plus what she’s got up her sleeve for the holidays.

Q: Three adjectives about how the bra makes you feel when you’re wearing it?
A: The first thing, it’s sexy, it’s glamorous, and it’s fantasy.
Q: Is the bra heavy?
A: No, it’s really, really good. It has a nice fit to the boobs. It’s a very sexy push up bra, so it’s just like the normal, Very Sexy pushup bra with more than 5,000 precious gems in it.
Q: What’s the easiest way for you to feel sexy?
A: If I want to feel glamorous, I’ll just put [on] a very sexy bra. I’ve been a big fan of the Very Sexy push-up bra for a long time because it makes it push up the whole cleavage.
Q: What is your number one beauty secret?
A: I love to use a little bronzer to give that nice, you know, glow, so that would be mine.
Q: What are the top three beauty items you always have in your bag?
A: I have a lip balm, and I have a creamy blush, and I’ll have a hand cream. All different kinds of brands, actually. I’ll just keep switching, and you know, sometimes I have 10 lipsticks inside my bag. And then my daughter grabs half of it so they disappear, and I’m like, “Where is my new lip balm that I just got?”
Q: Is she creating her own beauty stash for herself?
A: She’s obsessed with lip balms and lipstick, and of course, her favorite color is red (laughs). I don’t really allow her to wear red.
Q: Do you have any diet changes in the winter?
A: In the summer, I love salad; I’m a big salad girl. I love kale and lots of dressing in my salads too. But in the winter, I love vegetable soup, which is pretty healthy, and I’ll just try to put [in] all the ingredients that I think are healthy. I’ll switch from salads to soup, something warmer. But then, here and there, it’s nice to have a nice glass of wine and chocolate.
Q: So you cook a lot yourself?
A: Not really (laughs)! I try. I make more like breakfast kind of things, so I can make eggs in different styles. But when it comes to really cooking, I’m like, “I need to take classes.” That’s my next thing.
Q: Has your perspective on modeling changed since becoming a mom?
A: [Beauty] really comes from inside and it shows out, so, eating healthy, having a healthy life, that’s what is important to me now. Before I had kids, I was just a young girl going everywhere and didn’t care about anything, eating French fries all the time. Now I’m still going to have French fries sometimes, but most of my time is looking for fresh food, and I got to the fair once a week and I get all these amazing vegetables and all these organic fruits and take it home and share with my baby. My baby just started eating, so I try to get the most organic vegetables and fresh vegetables. I actually grow some things in my backyard of my house, so I have my organic garden, too, all the herbs that I use to cook.

Growing up in Brazil, you always eat fresh: fresh fish, fresh coconut water, and all the fruits are amazing! You just grab it from the tree and you eat. So that’s what I try to show my kids. Even if we don’t live in Brazil, I want them to have that experience that I had when I was growing up.

Q: How are you planning to spend the holidays?
A: For me, it’s really about spending time with my kids and my family, and we’re all going down to Brazil so my grandmothers can see the kids! And just making the most of that: just hitting the beach, taking my little boy in the ocean in Brazil. I’ll take him to the beach, put him in the water. That’s what I’m going to be doing.
Q: Have you already started shopping?
A: [When I get] the catalogue is when I’m going to start shopping. And I think with the iPad application that Victoria’s Secret has, it just makes it so much easier. I can be traveling from New York to L.A. and I can just be online and shopping all those things. Usually, I get my friends all these amazing things from Victoria’s Secret and they love it. They absolutely go nuts! Anything from Victoria’s Secret, it’s pretty, it’s just cute, sexy, and it’s fun.
Q: What’s you favorite Victoria’s Secret item to give and are your favorite items to receive?
A: I love the PJ’s. They’re very cozy. They have the sleepy tees, and they’re really comfortable just to lounge around the house. That’s what I wear inside my house. The lace baby dolls are adorable! Every season I get a new lace baby doll with different colors. And all the bras — from the Angels Fantasy push-up bras to the Very Sexy, to the Body by Victoria, to the Fabulous and all those, I just love it!