Heal Your Heels

By  June 09, 2009


We girls love wearing high heels (you know the motto “The higher the heel, the closer to God”), but our actual heels can suffer by becoming dry, rough and cracked as a result. As soon as you take off your heels after a long day, slip on a pair of Heal-a-Heels. These tiny pink and white socks have a moisture zone in the heel that softens the roughness. Wear them three times a week and your heels will be soft in no time, and for even better results, you can put on your favorite lotion right before you put them on. The moisture zone lasts for three months, and they are so easy to care for! They only need to be hand washed and air dried to be kept clean. So, forget the scariness of callous scrapers and slide on these socks for softness.

Available for $24 at ShopGoGirl.com.

xx, Valis Vicenty