Hilary Duff

By  January 25, 2008

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Hilary Duff may be only 19, but she’s no showbiz newbie. With more than six years in the spotlight, she’s definitely got Tinseltown tenure. Ever since Duff brightened up the small screen as Disney’s Lizzie McGuire, we’ve been smitten with this bubbly blonde-gone-brunette. She has taken on movies, music, and more—maturing into a lovely woman right before our eyes. And whether hobnobbing at hot spots or splurging on shopping sprees, she remains grounded and gracious. With her new clothing line, a hot CD, and a couple of upcoming flicks under her designer belt, Duff leaves us wondering what could be next. Glam chatted with the adorable starlet and got some answers.

You have such unique style! Who are some of your favorite designers?
Y&K, Blue Marine, Dolce & Gabbana, and See by Chloé.
Do you have a favorite pair of shoes? Handbag? Jeans?
I like Christian Louboutin shoes, Balen-
ciaga bags, and J Brand skinny Jeans.

What are your favorite stores?

I go to Tryst on Ventura Boulevard in L.A., and I really like vintage specialty shops.

What do you do to feel absolutely glamorous?
I  get a facial and a day at the spa.

Do you have anything you love to splurge on?
Whose style do you most admire?

My mom and my sister, because they taught me how to be free in my choices and they don’t let people dictate what they should wear. I learned to be unique and be who I am.

You have a new line. What is the inspiration behind it?
My tween line Stuff by Hilary Duff is about swing tops layered over rib tanks worn with cute short shorts. I love richer colors for summer, and I’m using brown, brick red, and raspberry. There are exotic touches using wooden beads, burnished metals, and hand-braided trim, belts, and straps.  
What is your favorite look from the collection?  
One of my favorite summer looks from Stuff are the suspendered pleated short shorts. They’re really great layered with

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