How to Get Patrick McMullan to Take Your Photograph

By  September 05, 2013


If you’ve ever stepped foot on the New York style scene, chances are you’ve heard of famed photographer Patrick McMullan. Socialites, celebs, fashion insiders, climbers, and handlers have spent many a night trying to catch his eye. Some have been successful and accrued hundreds of photos on his site, while others still await their first snap. To help you perfect your pose and increase your chances of getting noticed, we caught up with the legendary Mr. McMullan.

Q: What tends to catch your eye?
A: Good looking people always catch my eye. Cute people catch my eye, other people dressed very elegantly catch my eye. All different kinds of body types catch my eye if they have done something creative, I’m going to be interested to know who they are. I’ve met most of the big stylists on my own because they care to dare.Also…I think it’s really important to mention to anyone who might get there picture taken, to make sure the photographer gets their name. Even if I wanted to run the picture, chances are I wouldn’t without a name–that’s another mistake people make. You should spell it out to be clear.
Q: What poses are the most flattering?
A: Obviously it depends on what you’re wearing, but I do like a single person by themselves, head to toe. With multiple people everyone gets kind of lost in a group, and single pictures have a tendency to get picked up because people will respond to a particular look. Two or three people, it can get lost in translation unless they have a complementing look.
Q: How can ladies avoid that dreaded double chin?
A: People often make the mistake of lifting their chin up. What you want to do is think in terms of leaning forward rather than back. If you lean your head back, you’re going to have more of a chin. If you lean forward, not overly, you’re not going to have the chin and you want to be tilted down, but not all the way because that will give anyone a double chin.
Q: What colors photograph the best?
A: Turquoise, red and cobalt blue always stand out to me. I’m always attracted to those, if their put together in a nice way.
Q: What’s your take on selfies? Yay or nay?
A: I think they’re really cute if you’re good at it, I’m not very good at it. I’m not interested in pictures of myself. I call that “fauxtography” anything with a cellphone camera. I think I coined that, it’s real photography but people will say things like we don’t want any photographers in the party and then you get in there and everyone has their cell phones out snapping pictures. People think that doesn’t count? I think selfies are cute though, especially when you’re naked.