How to Have Supermodel Skin

By  September 30, 2009

Maintaining your skin is a lifelong commitment, but like most gals, we’re always trying to find new tricks (and shortcuts) for the best way to go about it. LING Skincare, a world-renowned one-stop-shop for facials in NYC, has five fantastic tips on how to achieve great skin. You can have the same amazing skin like catwalk veteran Naomi Campbell, and celebrity newbies like Leighton Meester and Agyness Deyn, just to name a few of LING’s clientele.


1. Get an expert monthly facial to relieve pores of impurities.

Heavy makeup and our bodies natural 28-day cycle leads to clogged pores. In order to maintain a healthy complexion and get the most benefits from your beauty products, it is important to go in for a professional pore cleaning every month to six weeks.

2. Have discipline when it comes to your at-home regimen and weekly maintenance.

If you do not go in for regular facials, then this is even more important to maintain your skin’s health. Institute LING’s 5 Simple Steps—a proper AM/PM regimen:  Purify, Hydrate, Solve, Nourish, and Renew.  The key is to work towards prevention, as prevention is anti-aging.

3. Make healthy lifestyle choices.

Proper bedtime (11pm is recommended as this aligns with the body’s natural sleep cycle) is important, as well as limiting alcohol intake. Alcohol can negatively impact the skin and may contribute to broken capillaries, acne, and interruptions in your skin care regimen (i.e. forgetting to wash your face before bedtime). As if it even needs to be said, do not smoke cigarettes, as smoking negatively impacts the skin by constricting blood flow to the skin, decreasing healing time, tone, and contributes to premature or increased aging of the skin.

4. Hydration is the root of anti-aging.

When dealing with skin conditions, the first and most important step is to take care of your dehydration—when your skin is properly moisturized, then it is better able to function, heal, prevent, and renew.

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xx, Grace Daniel