8 Dorm-Room Decor DIYs

By  July 11, 2014

Decorating your new space doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. We’ve found the best DIYs for your dorm room—you’re going to have the cutest space in the hall, guaranteed!

Create a Home State Art Print Create a Home State Art Print By: …Love Maegan

There’s no place like home! Say goodbye to boring blank walls and show your home-state pride with this adorable, simple project.

DIY Lighted Letters Sign DIY Lighted Letters Sign By: Home Heart Craft

Everyone loves twinkly lights, and we’ve found a more charming way to display a string of sparkles than just hanging them around your room.

How to Build a Beautiful Braided Basket How to Build a Beautiful Braided Basket By: Corner Blog

This project takes a bit more time to complete, but trust us, you’ll hang on to this basket for years to come. Create a trash-bin-size basket, or go all out and make a laundry hamper. 

Make Your Own Plant Terrarium Make Your Own Plant Terrarium By: Ciera Design

Grow your own little garden with a terrarium. You don’t have to have a green thumb to keep these little guys alive.

Pin Your Inspiration Pin Your Inspiration By: Daily Fix

Create a cute space to tack notes, photos, and whatever inspires you this semester. You can customize the fabric with the colors and prints of your choosing to match your room. 

DIY Instagram Clock DIY Instagram Clock By: Honest to Nod

Get to class on time and show off your favorite Instagram snaps with this awesome photo clock. For a stylish version, cut out photos from your favorite fashion mag. 

Make a Natural Air Freshener With Essential Oils Make a Natural Air Freshener With Essential Oils By: Henry Happened

Candles are outlawed in most dorm rooms, so refresh your space the natural way with this easy essential-oil room spray tutorial. DIY never smelled so good.

Mini Ironing Board Tutorial Mini Ironing Board Tutorial By: Like a Saturday

Why waste precious closet space on a huge ironing board when you can create your own mini version? It also doubles as a side table.