Bloggers Share Photos of Costumes From Their Childhood

By  October 04, 2013

The #GlamFam is stylishly creative and fashionably innovative 365 days of the year, and when there’s the opportunity dress up for a holiday, we rise to the occasion. From the early days to more recent years, Glam gals like Jessica Sturdy of Bows & Sequins and Viviana Norden of Fashion Truffles were showing off their design skills in Halloween costumes of all kinds. Sit back and glean some inspiration for this year or years to come … it’s time for a Halloween flashback!

Viviana Carmona Norden Viviana Carmona Norden Fashion Truffles

“In all my bumble-bee glory when I was three. I wouldn’t stop asking for the costume (something about the wings …). Once my mom bought it, I wore it a few times before Halloween! Of course, she had to buy me another costume for the actual holiday—oopsie!”

Sazan Barzani Sazan Barzani Spaz Magazine

“Two Halloweens ago, I was the Black Swan; I did my own makeup and styled my version of the character! I’m no DIY queen, but it was smarter to buy the tutu instead of spending money on a costume. Makeup was my favorite part. I used gel eye liner to create feathers on the eyes.”

Olia Maid Olia Maid Love Olia

“I was 25 years old for this costume and went in with my boyfriend being Ninja Turtles! It was such a fun outfit and so different from what I had ever worn!”

Sophie Elkus Sophie Elkus Angel Food Style

“I am dressed as Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I adored this gold dress and cape; I even wore it to preschool on non-Halloween days. I was four years old in this picture, but not much has changed—I still love to dress up in shiny dresses!”

Nicole Levine Nicole Levine Frankie Hearts Fashion

“At age five, anything that sparkled was an automatic favorite. My mom handmade this bumble-bee costume, and I remember wearing it for months and months after Halloween!”

Danielle Rudy Davis Danielle Rudy Davis Lou What Wear

“My husband and I as Peg and Al Bundy from Married With Children. The hand-in-pants look was part of the “staying in character” part of Halloween!”

Jessica Sturdy Jessica Sturdy Bows & Sequins

“I dressed up as a can-can girl on Halloween in 1991. I guess I can’t deny that I went through the ‘terrible twos.’”

Mollie Ruiz-Hopper Mollie Ruiz-Hopper Mollie in Seattle

“When I was little, I was really fascinated with the circus and had hoped to join one some day and be a clown. I loved the idea of making people laugh and smile, and it was fun to get to be silly.”

Elizabeth Fassbender Elizabeth Fassbender So Much To Smile About

“After the replacement referees called the ridiculous 2012 Packers-Seahawks game that caused my beloved Packers to lose, I knew exactly what I would be for Halloween: a confused replacement ref! I was 25 and wasn’t the only one wearing stripes that year!”