Charming Traditions: Glam Bloggers Share Their Favorite Holiday Traditions

By  November 12, 2013

Though the holiday season can become slightly overwhelming between the parties, gift giving, and celebrations, it’s the ideal time to give back, relax, or create new reasons to let loose. From the DIY creations that Johanna Grange of 101 Things I Love indulges in to Nashelly Messina of Fabulatina’s annual brunch, the #GlamFam books their calendar with much anticipated, not to be missed traditions.

Nashelly Messina Nashelly Messina Fabulatina

“One of the most exciting treats for me around Christmas is planning an annual brunch with my closest and dearest friends. Most of these friendships trail back to middle and high school. It’s sweet to come together and delight over great food, drink plenty of mimosas, talk over each other and laugh to the point of tears.”

Natalie Pinto Natalie Pinto The Fashionably Broke

“Christmas Eve is extra special because of how close I am with my grandma. She is one of my best friends and is the most fun and beautiful grandma you will ever meet. The night always ends with a fashion show of us trying on our new gifts, so we're pretty sure that’s where my fashion bug originated!”

Whitney Cosgrave Whitney Cosgrave See Shop Eat Do

“Every year around Christmas, my mom used to take my sister and me shopping to purchase items for the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child program. You choose whether you want to buy gifts for a boy or a girl and fill up a shoebox with age-appropriate gifts, which are then distributed to needy children around the world.”

Johanna Grange Johanna Grange 101 Things I Love

“I like to brush the dust off my DIY jacket during the holidays to show my appreciation for everyone in my life. This tradition allows me to take a break from the craziness and get creative. Something from the heart means much more, especially when it’s created with love. This year I went with a baking theme: red velvet cake in a jar!”

Hilary Kennedy Hilary Kennedy Hilary Kennedy

“One of my favorite family holiday traditions is our love of “Christmas” pajamas. In our house, Christmas takes place on Christmas Eve, so Santa brings matching PJ's for my mom, sister, and me! I loved getting a new set of soft, comfy pajamas each year. I can look back at each one and remember the era they came from.”

Jenna Burke Jenna Burke The Over–Analyst

“Christmas is my ultimate favorite holiday, mainly because my sister and I get to delegate. When we were younger, my mom and dad told us that as long as we took care of Christmas morning (which meant pass out the presents, help with breakfast, and clean up), then we could just sit back and enjoy the week of festivities.”