Get The College Student Discount

By  July 11, 2014

Back-to-school shopping is an awesome opportunity to update your wardrobe with basics, trend pieces, and the occasional splurge item. While you should definitely take advantage of all those summer sales (you know, considering the whole college-student budget thing…), there are plenty of stores that offer year-round discounts to students in an effort to help them out by staying frugal and, of course, fashionable.

Topshop Topshop

Topshop has everything your college wardrobe needs, from everyday basics to clothes and accessories fit for the frats. Whether you order online or present your student ID at checkout, college students receive a 10 percent discount year-round.

Madewell Madewell

Looking for business-casual attire? Are you into the preppy-chic look? Madewell has a huge assortment of tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories for college students at 15 percent off year-round when you present your college ID at checkout. 

J.Crew J.Crew

From chino pants to sundresses, J.Crew has clothes and accessories for a college student’s every need. Simply show your college student ID at a J.Crew or J.Crew factory store and receive 15 percent off. 

Banana Republic Banana Republic

Have an interview coming up or need internship-appropriate attire? Shop at Banana Republic and take advantage of the 15 percent discount in stores only with a student ID. 


Shop online at ASOS for any occasion. Find shoes, accessories, graphic tees, minidresses, and even business-casual attire at this trendy online boutique. College students can receive 10 percent off year-round by simply registering with Unidays. Once you log in to ASOS with your Unidays account, you’ll receive a discount code. 

Ann Taylor Ann Taylor

Shop for basics and work-professional apparel at Ann Taylor and receive 15 percent off year-round in store by showing your student ID at checkout and online by registering with Unidays to get a discount code.  

Best Buy Best Buy

Enter your student email address (.edu) and become eligible to receive various deals and discounts for electronics at Best Buy. 

The New York Times The New York Times

You know what they say: Information is power. Subscribe to The New York Times and receive a college rate and pay $0.99 for the first four weeks and then receive 50 percent off the regular rate for digital subscriptions.  

FedEx FedEx

For all your shipping needs—this can be especially helpful during move-out if you don’t live close to school. Save 20 to 30 percent off at FedEx by showing your student ID. 

Amtrak Amtrak

By registering for a student advantage card, you can receive up to 10 percent off your Amtrak ticket, making those trips to visit friends and family more affordable. 

PB Teen PB Teen

Need to furnish or decorate your room at school? Show your college student ID or use your .edu email address to receive 10 percent off your purchase. 

West Elm West Elm

Shop for dorm decor or apartment furnishings and receive 15 percent off by registering online with West Elm.