Glam Editors Share Photos of Costumes From Their Childhood

By  October 04, 2013

No strangers to dressing up, we Glam editors dug into our (parents’) photo archives to find these Halloween costume gems. Whether we opted for pretty, scary, classic, or off-beat getups, we were all as excited about Halloween then as we are today. (Note: Our feeling about collecting free candy remains the same as well.) These photos of our Halloween costumes from the past show that we were dressing up and posing for the camera long before blogging was even a thing.

Nola Weinstein Nola Weinstein Editor in Chief

“I have spent much of my editorial career trying to avoid exhibiting any witchlike tendencies, but in 1987, I was all too happy to fly around the block on my broomstick.”

Bianca Posterli Bianca Posterli Editorial Director

“My family and I went to Grand Cayman for a celebration called Pirates Week, and the theme clearly stuck with me. At four, I was telling people to walk the plank, shouting ‘Shiver me timbers,’ and pillaging for booty.”

Cara Chronis Cara Chronis Editorial Producer

“I dressed up as Audrey Hepburn for Halloween 2009. I borrowed a super-slinky DVF dress from my best friend and made sure to grab a pair of faux Ray-Bans so I wouldn’t lose my real ones. The cigarette holder was so much fun!”

Katherine Fotinos Katherine Fotinos Assistant Editorial Producer

“Nothing like leaving things until the last minute. My friends and I braved NYC’s freak snowstorm on October 31, 2011 to find last-minute costumes for a Halloween party that night. I spent way too long on that circus ringmaster jacket.”

Valis Vicenty Valis Vicenty Assistant Editor

“I first indulged my inner crazy cat lady when I was seven, and just a few months before I found out I was allergic to the fluffy little guys!”

Channing Hargrove Channing Hargrove Fashion Reporter

“Clearly, I was very self-aware as a child. I need lipstick and tutus. Not much has changed from the days of four-year-old me dressing up as a ballerina for Halloween, apparently.”

Angel Robinson Angel Robinson Style Scoop Editor, Producer

“What happens when you mix my obsession with Boardwalk Empire, an ode to Audrey Hepburn’s love of all things pink, and a synthetic blond wig? Angel as a flapper girl who takes full advantage of a skin-friendly Halloween.”

Michelle Kushner Michelle Kushner Designer

“My love of dress-up started way way back and really never went away. I still love Halloween and a good costume party. Seems I was a clown then and I’m a clown now!”

Lauren Kaplan Lauren Kaplan Assistant Features Editor

“By age three, I didn’t know much—but I did understand what it meant to be “glam.” My fairy Halloween costume—equipped with gown, wings, crown, and wand—made me the feel like the prettiest little girl in the preschool Halloween parade.”