Haute Hangouts: Amalfi Coast

By  April 14, 2014

While you might be tempted to utterly relax at the pool or beach club throughout your visit to Italy’s Amalfi Coast, there are plenty of chic hot spots to discover. Feel free to soak up a fair amount of rays, but be sure to highlight your stay with trips to fantastic restaurants and local shops—along with the best limoncello you’ll ever sip.

Max Ristorante Positano, Piazza del Mulini, 22 Max Ristorante Positano, Piazza del Mulini, 22

Situated in the center of the bustling town of Positano, this restaurant is more than just a place to go for amazing Italian food. It also serves as an art gallery filled with old paintings and furniture to provide a breathtaking backdrop to an indulgent, lovely meal.

La Conca del Sogno, Via Marciano, 9, 80061 La Conca del Sogno, Via Marciano, 9, 80061

One of the most tucked-away destinations in the area, La Conca del Sogno is accessible only via boat. For lunch, take a quick ride along the bluest of waters to dine at this unparalleled establishment. Indulge in a pitcher of white wine, served with fresh peaches, and the epic zucchini pasta dish.

Capri Beach Club Fontelina Capri Beach Club Fontelina

Soak up the sun at the exclusive Fontelina beach club in Capri. This hot spot is situated right beside the famous Faraglioni rocks, which provide a view that is not to be believed.

Le Sireneuse Le Sireneuse

Even if Le Sirenuse isn’t your hotel of choice, it’s worth a trip for drinks or pre-dinner hors d’oeuvres at the Champagne and Oyster Bar. Built into the side of the mountain, the hotel offers an impressive view of the town of Positano, and you will be captivated by Le Sirenuse’s gorgeous decor.

Positano Positano

On a free afternoon, wander around the town of Positano to check out the chic boutiques and shops. There’s a range of establishments—everything from a Missoni store to sandal stands—that are perfect spots for souvenirs and gifts.

Stock Up on Limoncello at Il Fiorentino Stock Up on Limoncello at Il Fiorentino

Sorrento is known for its larger-than-life lemons, which locals use to make—what else?—incredible limoncello. This charming shop sits in Sant’agata, a small town just a few miles from Sorrento, and serves up some of the best of the beverage alongside delicious Italian cookies.