It’s All About Love with Rebecca Minkoff and Nivea

By  July 05, 2013


Last week, I had one of my dreams come true! On a visit to the Big Apple I got to chat with Rebecca Minkoff about her collaboration with Nivea’s Style Uncapped. While last year pitted fans against each other to have their design sold on shelves, this year there’s no waiting. Users can now dream up their own designs for the lip moisturizer and see it come to life by purchasing their own or other ideas in the Nivea gallery to be delivered directly to their door (which would make it an ideal wedding favor). Find out how long Minkoff has been a fan of the iconic skincare brand as well as what inspired her own cap design.

Q: Have you been a longtime fan of Nivea? When were you first introduced to the brand?
A: Mine started in high school when I got ahold of one the circular containers [of lotion]. And when I used it, I noticed I didn’t have to moisturize my legs for a couple days because it’s so thick and great.
Q: Why did you feel the collaboration was a perfect match?
A: I think it’s a perfect match because the brand has always been about a woman’s experience with her bag. Our bags are usually love related. They all have the cheeky names, like the “Affair” or the “Morning After Bag” or the “Cupid.” And Nivea is all about making the kiss and the touch of your skin an essential, so when they approached me, I thought it was a nice tie in because we’re all about love and these experiences and so are they.
Q: With all the pattern choices available to you, from floral to stripes, why did you decide to go with a bandana inspired print for your cap design?
A: Our spring line had a ton of prints in it, probably ten prints, but I think the one that resonated with editors and sales was this print. It was because the theme of the show was classic Americana, but done in a new modern way. So this theme spoke the most to that.

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