It’s All Good with Cher Lloyd and Fruttare

By  May 09, 2013

British sensation Cher Lloyd has a very exciting collaboration to sing about this summer: her new partnership with Fruttare—and Ne-Yo—to celebrate the U.S. launch of their new fruit bars! The duo is working together on a fun new collaboration that allows fans to share “what’s all good” to them. The two singers will take suggestions under consideration as they write an original song with the two singers. chatted with the Lloyd to get the deets on the contest, her style and how her music has changed.

Q: You and Ne-Yo collaborated on a Fruttare song, “It’s All Good.” What was your favorite thing about working with Fruttare and Ne-Yo?
A: I was very much excited about it and then I found out I’d be working with Ne-Yo. I’ve always been a huge fan of Ne-Yo anyway, so this was such a great opportunity for me, so I had to jump at it. We haven’t started recording yet, we’re going to go in tomorrow and start reading over the submissions that the fans have sent in. That’s the beauty of this campaign, not only is it two artists being involved, it’s actually anyone out there who wants to be involved and are on social media. So, the way for people to do that is to tweet with the #ItsAllGood. They can also Facebook or Instagram.
Q: Have you been paying attention to the lyric suggestions as they’ve come in?
A: I’ve seen quite a few and it’s going very well. It’s just great to involve the younger generation. [Their lyrics] could ultimately end up in a great summer pop song. It’s not everyday kids get to do that.
Q: If your style were a Fruttare flavor, what would it be?

A: It would definitely be strawberry and milk. I mean, the colors involved are great summer colors and I feel like I’m going to be wearing a lot of pastel colors this summer. Personally, I think this flavor is the best one. It’s great. The best thing about it is that it’s healthy.
Q: How have you changed as an artist from the last album to this one? Is this change evident in your style?
A: Whenever I explain my style, I always say that it’s how I feel on the day, which can be very difficult for my stylist. We’ll prep things weeks in advance and it will come to the day, and I won’t feel up to wearing it. But again, it’s a personal thing, and it’s very important for anyone to feel comfortable with what they’re wearing. You can tell a lot by a person and what they are wearing and that’s not to be stereotypical, that’s just, you know, the boundaries that people are able to push in style..
Q: Which designers do you currently love?
A: I love Nasty Gal, right now. It’s so fun and quirky; the shoes are great, too. I love shoes, more than anything. I love Jeffrey Campbell… obviously Christian Louboutin, I’ve collected quite a few pairs along my way. Right now in L.A., I think they just opened a Topshop. I haven’t been to it yet, but as soon as I get some time off, I’m definitely going. I’m excited to see that Topshop’s coming over to America. I know it’s been in New York for a little while now. They have just such great stuff.

Q: We love your single with Demi Lovato; what was it working with her?
A: When I met her I was very nervous, and she just seems to be very down to earth and really nice. She seemed very excited to work with me. We have such a similar fan base, too, which is great. I think she stands for very similar [ideals as] me, too.
Q: Congrats on your Radio Disney nominations! What’s next for you?
A: I have new album that will be out in a few months; I’m just finishing it up. That’s the main thing that I’m really excited about. I think it’s about time that I have some new music out.