It’s What’s Underneath that Counts

By  June 08, 2009

Eyeshadow always looks great when you’ve just put it on. But after a while, when those little creases starts to creep up (because we’re all prone to blinking every now and then), our artfully painted lids get a little uneven—and then comes the dreaded onset of the raccoon eye.

We’ve all been there.

But these four priming beauties were designed specifically to battle the age-old dilemma of eye makeup that just refuses to stay put. Dab a little on your lids just before applying your eyeshadow and watch in wonder as… well… as nothing happens all day!


  1. Too Faced Shadow Insurance Eye Primer, available at
  2. POP Beauty Eye Magnet Primer, available at (Buy it now for 50% of the original price!)
  3. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, available at
  4. Smashbox Lip & Lid Primer, available at