Jessica Hart Talks Victoria’s Secret, Halloween, and Her Workout Routine

By  October 30, 2012

BEFORE THE CITY SHUT DOWN in anticipation of Sandy’s arrival, Glam took off to spend the afternoon with Jessica Hart and Victoria’s Secret at the Jets game against the Dolphins. Between plays and touchdowns, we caught up with the VS Pink model, who’s prepping for her inaugural walk down the glittery runway at the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show!

Q: This is your first time walking in the Victoria’s Secret show – how are you preparing for the runway?
A: Any day I have off, I’m meeting with my trainer, doing Pilates or at Flybarre. The other day I did a Flybarre class, then I met my trainer, then I did a Pilates class. My trainer is really amazing – he’s a physical therapist as well. because I sit with my legs crossed and because I’m always on planes I have a lot of neck and back aches, so we do a lot of working that out before we exercise. It’s a lot of small, controlled movements.
Q: What are you most excited for?
A: I have never been to it, I’ve casted for it seven years in a row and I’ve never gotten it. I don’t know what to expect so that’s crazy. I can’t wait, I’m so excited. I’m going to my fitting straight after this. I was meant to fly out tonight to do a job in Miami, but I can’t risk it. I don’t think I’ll get back in!
Q: What are some of your favorite products from Victoria’s Secret PINK line?
A: [Editor's Note - Jessica was wearing an adorable faux fur jacket from Victoria's Secret Pink.] How great is this? It’s so soft inside; it’s the coziest thing ever. I went in there the other day and just couldn’t believe how cute this hoodie was. I travel all the time so I’m always wearing track pants so I have them in every color. I grew up in the oversized grey sweatpants. Just to be working for a company that focuses on sweats and stuff is so amazing. I love the way that everything’s oversized
Q: What are your plans for Halloween?
A: I did my Halloween on Friday night, there was a party at the Rose Bar. I might go to Heidi Klum’s party, but I have to work the next day.You know the old school video game called Street Fighter? I was the first female character in that, Cammy White, on Friday. I had these really long braids, I just went all out and it was really fun. I’d love to re-wear it, but I can’t be that again. I think I’ll do a package from Ricki’s sort of thing.