Join the ‘Love Me Then Dump Me Campaign’

By  July 31, 2009

single_use_essen_4a70ae7229As much as we love makeup, we often don’t realize how gross it can actually be. Herpes simplex, pink eye, and impetigo are often transmitted from one face to the next, thanks to germ-y applicators that have been used on one person being used on another. Or yourself. Let’s be honest here—everyone should be cleaning their own makeup brushes and tools after using them.

Every. Single. Time.

Thankfully, Jemma Kidd and her crew over at have come up with the perfect solution:  single-use tools for the masses—not only department store kiosks. No more double-dipping! Talk about disposable—simply use ‘em once and toss ‘em immediately!

The next time you want to share makeup with a friend, be damn sure you go disposable or else you may end up bonding by sharing the same bacterial OR viral OR fungal infection. Barf.

Head over to to start building your single-use set. There you’ll find mascara wands, eyeliner applicators, natural hair blush brushes…

xx, India-Jewel Jackson & Valis Vicenty