Join the Tights-Are-Not-Pants Movement

By  November 21, 2007

tights are not pants

By now I’m sure you’re well aware of my opinion on leggings as pants, which has always been, and continues to be, a very solid Nay. The whole Oops-I-forgot-to-wear-trousers! look flatters about .0004% of the population. If you are in that miniscule subset, you should definitely stop wearing them because flaunting your membership card to the cool kids club is just so ’02.

tights phrase

Anyway, as was recently pointed out to me, apparently I’m not the only one who feels this way. A few of my fellow haters have founded the genius website which outlines—with hilariously exquisite precision— the many cons associated with the style. Even better though, are the postcard-ready PDFs you can download to help spread the word about this important anti-tights movement. Do your part and check it out.

no tights