Joshua McKinley Dishes on Designer Tech, Project Runway and More

By  October 25, 2012

DURING JOSHUA MCKINLEY’S time in the Project Runway workroom, he and the other competitors had the chance to work with some of the latest technology. Now he’s stepping his tech game up with the newest offerings from Lenovo and heading back to Parson’s for the second season of Project Runway: All Stars. Glam recently got the chance to chat the designer at the launch of the new Lenovo Yoga convertible PCs and find out what programs he loves, what he really thought about his fellow contestants, and what his signature statement pieces for the season are.

Q: How important is technology in terms of design?
A: I love technology that’s on the verge of the best. And I think with Lenovo it was amazing [how] this opportunity was approached, because I switch between PCs and MACs daily. So it’s great to see this new computer [IdeaPad Yoga] and all the functions that it has. What I love about it, kind of from a presentation standpoint, I’m able to take drawings that I’ve done, scan them in, and then really work off of them using the features of just this program. I have Autodesk Sketchbooks and Skitch, which I really love because it’s just kind of fun to play with and take notes on.
Q: We loved watching you during your season of Project Runway. What did you take away from your experience on the show?
A: I think what was so great about Project Runway for me was that I really was an open book, and I was honest, and I was vulnerable. I think a lot of the other contestants didn’t let themselves go to that place, but I wasn’t afraid of that, even knowing that there would be lovers and haters in abundance. Before I went on the show, I said to myself, “If you really want to do this job, you need to be 100% real.” And unfortunately, sometimes real isn’t what people want. They’re [either] going to love or hate that. I think that it made for great TV and I was able to produce some really amazing looks.
Q: What is one wardrobe staple that is essential for the season?
A: I’m such a person about statement pieces, and I think the go-to piece that I would suggest people to try or wear is plastic! But not in a fetish regard, in a contemporary, high fashion regard.
Q: How was your Fashion Week? Did you get a chance to attend any shows?
A: I went to the closing of this season of Project Runway, and that was great, and just a couple presentations around time. It’s great to feel the buzz of the city and be in it to win it.
Q: Where will you be popping up next?
A: Project Runway: All-Stars premieres October 25th at 9:00 PM, so tune in!