Juliette Has a Gun

By  June 25, 2008


Ever dream of becoming a rocker or a chic rocker at that? If the lack of coordination is causing problems with the stringing of the guitar or if the notes you’re singing just aren’t in tune, what about smelling like one instead? Or maybe like a flower, showing your delicate and innocent side? With summer just around the corner, the perfect scent is something light and fresh, a fragrance just right for the hot and (unfortunately for some) humid days to come. Romano Ricci’s Juliette Has a Gun is a wonderful example! And when it comes to the craft of perfumery Ricci knows what he’s talking about. With every fragrance made of roses, the elegant and tasteful “Lady vengeance” is one of the first of two of many to come in Ricci’s collection. With its feminine and confident characteristics, this perfume allows you to dream and to feel like a lady. Priced at $80, it is available at NYC’s Henri Bendel and LA’s Fred Segal, along with locations around the world from Paris to the Middle East. Combining Bulgarian Rose with patchouli and vanilla, this lady is the perfect companion to help spend your day. A gun, she has, but more importantly Juliette has the key to a girl’s heart and to her beauty closet.

Visit juliettehasagun.ovh.org for more deets.

xx, Erin Dustin


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