Karmin Turns It Up at Their Summer Shows

By  July 12, 2013


Karmin took over the charts with their single “Brokenhearted” after nabbing millions of fans who fell in love with their YouTube covers of classic hits. With their newest track “Acapella” climbing up the charts, a tour with The Jonas Brothers, and a new album on the way, Glam had the chance to chat with Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan about what fans can expect to hear on their upcoming LP and ways they can get backstage thanks to Tone’s Turn It Up campaign.

Q: You have deep ties to your fan base? How do you maintain that connection with your fans?
A: Nick: It’s funny you ask.
Amy: Our fans are everything, first of all.
Nick: We’re partnering up with Tone for the summer series. Actually, if you go to their Facebook page, because the fan experience with us is so important and everything, there’s a competition. You go to the Facebook page and you could win backstage passes, hang out with us the whole night. So it’s kind of another thing just to make sure we can get the fans in all of the cities because we haven’t done a full tour yet.
Amy: So the new song came out, the album comes out late summer, and The Jonas Brothers asked us to join them on tour. That’s why we’re like “let’s get these fans backstage.” They’re amazing.
Q: Do you have any recommendations for your fans who are coming to see you this summer?
A: Nick: Definitely get there early because we’re opening.
Amy: We’re opening for Jonas! But if you want a chance to win tickets, I think it’s important to head to the Tone body wash Facebook page because there’s not just tickets, it’s hang out with Nick and Amy, go to the movies with Nick and Amy, buy Nick and Amy dinner, buy us presents (*laughs). But it’s a cool opportunity just to win some tickets for you and your friends.
Nick: And it’s good for us to go around and meet everybody because it is really important for us.
Q: You both gained notoriety on YouTube thanks to your covers. Will there be any on the new album?
A: Nick: We’ve been flirting with that idea a lot.
Amy: We almost did “Got Your Money,” by ODB. It’s an amazing song. But we decided—we had recorded a bunch of songs and it was hard to choose which ones to go on the album, and we thought, ‘Let’s really define who we are first with our material and then maybe go back to the covers at a later point would be really fun.’
Q: So how do you plan to stay cool this season?
A: Amy: I hope it’s not too hot in the summer, but it’s important to stay clean! Tone body wash, hey! And when it’s hectic on the road, you do want to do things that keep you relax[ed] because you can overheat quickly, especially when you’re performing outside. We’re doing a couple of state fairs and those are 3:00 PM, direct sunlight, pass-out weather. Sunscreen: huge. I never wore it when I was younger and I regret it. Sunscreen’s important.

You heard Amy! If you’re heading out to see Karmin remember to check out Tone’s Facebook page for a chance to win tickets and prizes from the duo.