Kiehl’s Cleans Out Your Pores

By  August 25, 2009


Having oily to combination skin can create a load of problems when it comes to keeping your skin clear. Kiehl’s has just released their Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Collection to clean without stripping the skin of moisture, minimize pores and control oil. (They say the Pore Minimizing Lotion has been found to minimize pores and keep skin looking matte for up to 8 hours!) They all contain ingredients like Diatomaceous Earth to slough away dead skin, Oat Kernel flour to absorb oil, and Amazonian White Clay to purify and detoxify. The clay comes from Marajo Island which formed over thousands of years of clay and other sediment collecting at the mouth of the Amazon River. Residents of the nearby area have been using the clay called “magic earth” for years to protect themselves from skin problems, insect bites and even snake poison. We’re sure this “magic earth” will work wonders for your skin!

Available for $20.50-$28 at

xx, Valis Vicenty